Secret ingredient for success …

27/09/2011 § 4 Comments

when making Apple Crumble!

Apple Crumble

It was a very successful apple crumble indeed!  By the time daylight had risen the following morning it had almost disappeared, so I dashed outside, crumble in hand, to take a quick snap before it all disappeared!

Let’s backtrack to the previous evening …

My best friend was coming round for supper and the Housework Fairy (all 6’3″ of him) was cooking up one of his stupendous curries.  I decided to reclaim at least one chopping board in the kitchen, and a saucepan and a shelf in the oven and whip up an apple crumble for pud!  Not exactly ‘whip’, more peel & rub & sprinkle!

We have bramley apples by the score here at the moment – I collect an armful whenever I pop down the garden to have a chat with Flora and then stack them up on a patio chair ‘cos I like the colours and it looks all bountiful and Autumny when I look out of the window!

As I was assembling said crumble, I rummaged for something or other in the cupboard and came upon my SECRET INGREDIENT.  A couple of generous spoonfuls were added to the crumble mix (OK, so you’ve discounted cloves and spices – these were big spoonfuls)!

When we’d finished our curry – absolutely delicious curry – we waited for a respectable few minutes before diving into the crumble. I made them guess what I’d added.

Friend – “it reminds me of something, sort of old-fashioned, great crumble – any more?”

HF – “lovely, is there any more?  Yes – I said it’s lovely, tastes just fine; is there any more?”

What do you think I added?  Here are a couple of clues … it sort of reminds me of bedtime when I was little;  it’s not too strong a taste but when added to a crumble it works perfectly – especially with apples I think!

If anyone guesses, I’ll tell all – if not, then it’ll have to remain a secret!!!!!  Go on, have a guess!

Adaliza x

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§ 4 Responses to Secret ingredient for success …

  • Mmmm, a secret ingredient, I often add ground almonds…always nutmeg & sometimes biscuit crumbs… Now the housework fairy is sounding good- I have a hoovering fairy who sometimes does the windows does that count?


  • adaliza says:

    A housework fairy does dishes, recycling stuff & the washing – as well as hoovering! We only clean the windows if we’re moving – we’re not!!! No – you haven’t guessed the secret ingredient – go on – bedtimes, old-fashioned (a bit), goes well with apples. Time for another guess???


  • Emma says:

    Horlicks by any chance? If so what a brilliant idea I’m going to try it – if not I may try it anyway now!! :))


  • adaliza says:

    Well done! Definitely worth adding – delicious!


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