Under the hammer …

04/10/2011 § 1 Comment

October & April herald the transformation of a grazing paddock …

Rural Auction

into a sale paddock!

I’ve been otherwise engaged on sale days for a few years, but in the past, I’ve jostled and elbowed my way to the front of the crowd in pursuit of a bargain.  The auctioneer moves from lot to lot, as they are laid out on the grass, so the bidders and spectators become an ever-rolling mass, like waves moving along the shoreline.  There’s a tack sale and shrub/tree sale too.  Sometimes 3 auctioneers hammering away at the same time!

Last time I visited there were hundreds of lots, probably a thousand people and a whooping, vibrant atmosphere.  Saturday had some interesting lots …

Rural Auction

Tiny Gypsy Caravan

pub sign

but the crowds were much smaller …


Last time I went to the auction, I came home with a fantastic 5-bar gate!  I’d driven to the auction in my tiny little old 2-door car but couldn’t resist the gate – and a standard 6′ holly tree too!  I phoned HF who arrived, with 2 boys, in our estate car.  I hadn’t let on why he was needed, and led him to the gate with some trepidation!  He wasn’t best pleased and was certainly unconvinced that it would fit into any car!  The gate was a bit of a squash, but a length of baler twine and a handkerchief flag later, and he was off – in a bit of a huff!

Meanwhile, the boys had been detailed to take the holly tree and hide it behind the little car, which was parked at the other end of the field!  (HF has his limits and this would have been a shrub too far)!  I was left with 2 hulking boys and a huge holly bush!  We removed the sun roof and travelled home, in gales of laughter, with the holly tree out through the roof!

I brought my saddle home with me on Saturday, no sale that day.  And no, I didn’t buy the little gypsy caravan, cute though it was!

Where’s Dolly?  You’ll have to wait another day or so …

Keep guessing!

Adaliza x

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§ One Response to Under the hammer …

  • Calico Kate says:

    Auctions are so exciting, my husb got so carried away at one that he bid against himself!
    Love the image of the holly having a scenic journey.


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