Where’s the remote?

07/10/2011 § 4 Comments

OK – own up – who’s got the remote?

You can keep it – this isn’t a power struggle.  But can you rewind please, ‘cos you missed Autumn!

Last week was summer, good and proper.  The news was full of deck-chairs & ice creams, broken records (temperature ones) and the shops had to dig out their summer stock again – SOooo last season!

I was looking forward to the whole ‘Autumn’ thing – cardis, socks & slippers, homemade soup, , blankets, strolling through crisp russet-coloured leaves, admiring cobwebs jewelled with dew and the whole of that magical journey into Winter.   But I seem to have missed all that – did I do a sudden hibernation and sleep through it?

This morning was chilly – to say the least – winter appeared to have arrived already.  I waddled off down the garden and Flora and I waddled back up again together, me wishing I’d popped a coat on and Flora all of a feather-fluster – busy and quick-smart-waddling in the cold!

So, if you find the remote could you do a bit of a rewind please.  Just to the beginning of last week, when summer was here and then play back on normal so that I can enjoy the Autumn in all it’s glory!

Alton tomorrow and Blackmoor Apple Day on Sunday – busy weekend ahead!  Pop by and say ‘Hello’ if you’re in the area.

Adaliza x


§ 4 Responses to Where’s the remote?

  • Calico Kate says:

    Oh I SO know what you mean. Headed to Oban the other day expecting a lovely drive through Autumn colour. Difficult to see much, past the SHEETS of cold, cold, grey, rain, and the Wind ee gads but it makes life cold. Where has the season of mellow fruitfulness and golden sunshine gone?
    Winter is here already – no sunbathing up here at. all. all summer, never mind last week!



  • adaliza says:

    Have just seen the weather and it’s looking OK for the weekend. I’ll keep everything crossed! Looks like it’ll be very different up in Scotland though – definitely wellies + mac + hat weather!


  • Karen says:

    Lovely to see you in Alton on Saturday and in the lovely late Summer sunshine at the Blackmoor Apple tasting today. I love my cushion too!


  • adaliza says:

    I was so shattered after Apple Day – just got back from work now and looking forward to an evening off! I’m so pleased you decided to have the cushion – it deserves a lovely home! It’s definitely your colour too!


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