Chilly mornings & cosy evenings …

30/10/2011 § Leave a comment

That’s what November brings to mind.

It’s my favourite month – all those fireworks and on my birthday too!  It always feels as though everybody’s celebrating with me, even though I’ve long since stopped counting!

I’ve just about recovered my energy levels since being laid very low – I seem to have missed most of October altogether.  Last week though more than made up for days in bed feeling rotten …

October Harbour

A week away in Cornwall was just what the doctor ordered and I enjoyed every moment.  On Friday I sat outside until the last of the sun’s rays had disappeared and the temperature duly dropped like a stone!  As usual I stowed away my little Elna sewing machine and took a bag of fabrics just in case I regained my creative urges.  I always know when I’m not 100% ‘cos I can’t actually make anything at all.  Two whole weeks without sewing or crochet hook or knitting needles – don’t know when it’s been so long!

A stroll along the beach with the collies, and a pasty later, and I was itching to fuss and fiddle with some fabrics!  I’ve been making pretty little wallets and purses – photos in a day or two when I catch some sunshine!

It’s good to be back …

Adaliza x

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