Remember, remember …

05/11/2011 § Leave a comment

it’s my birthday, on 5th November!

It’s been a super day – a long, dozy lie-in and then a brisk trip down to Flora’s duckhouse to find a newly laid egg for my breakfast – Thank You Flora!

Pressies, even when you’ve stopped counting the years (and I’m trying to stop counting), are always exciting and I wasn’t disappointed. From musical text messages, phone calls from the absent children, delicious notebooks from one friend (how well you know me, Tanya) and a toy duck that quacks from my oldest friend!  The collies were in a state of total confusion as we unwrapped the toy duck (they always have to help tear the paper)!

“Not another one, Missus?” said Misty’s mournful gaze and then when she thought I wasn’t looking, she attempted a sideways grasp at toy duck’s neck!  Poor Belle was more confused than usual – it doesn’t take much!

I quacked it once for Flora, in the garden and she dashed out of the pond and up the garden quacking excitedly!  Poor Flora – looking for a mate!  I won’t quack it in her hearing again – she had to be cuddled for 10 minutes and have some special nibbles until she forgot about it and turned her attention to playing with Belle!

I also had a stone duck – just like Flora, but quieter; funny, personal cards – and so many of them to open; some lovely clothes from my favourite Sea Salt store and then we set out for the New Forest.

What a treat – as we stood still, a stag rounded the trees – he hadn’t seen us.  He came SO close, eventually alerted to our presence by Belle, who growled loudly!  He was the scout – out in front of the herd – he stood, nostrils wide and then turned with his head held high and trotted back to the herd of over 20 and turned them into the trees, away from the danger we posed – it was magical.

We returned home with 2 tired, muddy and very smelly collies – nothing like a smelly collie who wants to be cuddled!

I still have birthday cake, fireworks and a meal at our favourite restaurant to look forward to.

Thank you friends & family – it’s been a very special day!

Adaliza x

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