Sunny November day …

12/11/2011 § Leave a comment

Wasn’t it wonderful in Alton today.  The sun was shining by this afternoon and the crowds were out in force.

As always, great to meet up with so many friendly customers and fellow stallholders.  I Sooo look forward to my days out in Alton.  Left my memory at home again today though – brought the camera, but forgot the battery which was on charge at home!  But hopefully – HOPEFULLY – the clickety clickers who were on the ‘camera’ course will send me some of their masterpieces.  It was great to meet you all and I hope my stock came out well in your photos!

If it’s fine tomorrow I’m definitely going to do a bit of my own snapping – 3 posts and no photos – sorry folks!

That reminds me …

I was delivering a training course about 10 years ago and a colleague and myself were demonstrating some IT stuff.  The lecture theatre was dark, and full of staff from a local organisation.  I was on the keyboard.  Thought I’d lighten the atmosphere and get a laugh, so when the screen came up in front of the masses I typed

“Howdy Folks!”

but I wobbled and typed

“Howdy Fools!”

oops – not a brilliant start to the day.  Fortunately the room was too dark for them to see my blushes.  I think the rest of the day went OK – I stuck strictly to the script and kept my fingers on the right keys after that!

Oh well – that’s life – and that’s a whole lot better than the alternative!

See you soon – don’t forget Winchester’s Art & Design market next Sunday and I’ll see what I can do with the photos.

Adaliza x

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