It’s that Monday feeling …

14/11/2011 § 13 Comments

It’s a typical November morning, here in Hampshire …

still, grey and peaceful.  I like November.  It’s my special month – on the cusp of Autumn and Winter.  We have birthdays here at home and Christmas to look forward to.  Yes, I do look forward to Christmas.  We don’t go mad with presents these days.  The children are happier with money, a Christmas stocking and a new jumper (no, not knitted by me with a reindeer on the front)!  Good old M&S can’t be beaten for boy’s jumpers and a stocking isn’t a stocking with a new pack of undies tucked in!

Looks as though they’ll all be home, so the house will be bursting at the seams and I’ll take over the stove & oven – but I love it!

Before the holidays though, there’s sewing to be done as Christmas Fair season gets into full swing!

Thought you may like to see the latest purses and wallets …

Gingham Purse


Birdie Purse


Wallet inside

Not sure what the collective nouns are for purses & wallets – do you know?  I made most of the wallets in Cornwall a couple of weeks ago – never go on holiday without a sewing machine – now there’s a good motto!

I’ve enjoyed my 20 minutes of peace & quiet this morning, blogging and choosing photos.  There’s a warm collie at my feet and a little duck tapping at the back door.  She’s just waddled off down the garden, to lay today’s egg no doubt!  She’s a bit of a madam and has several nests around the garden.  It’s like Easter every day – an egg hunt every morning!

Have a lovely week.  Have a Happy Birthday Jack.  Pop over to Wendy’s 1st Unique Gifts blog to see what everyone else has been making for Handmade Monday – thanks Wendy.


PS Winchester’s Art & Design Market on Sunday 20 November – pop by and say Hello!




§ 13 Responses to It’s that Monday feeling …

  • Caroline says:

    I love Christmas and think it is what you make of it not all the gifts etc good food a drop of wine and not forgetting the choccies.

    Love the purse collection not sure what the word is either.


  • RosMadeMe says:

    What really pretty purses… not sure of the official collective noun but I think a clutch of purses and bags sounds good:) I have never understood how you get the fabric and metal parts to join neatly… yours look brilliant!


  • Jill says:

    Your purses and wallets are so pretty – lovely material. Sound slike you have a great Christmas to look forward to.


  • redneedle says:

    What a lovely cosy picture you paint of your morning. I love your purses and wallets, if there isn’t a collective noun then there should be


  • Jam Dalory says:

    The purses and wallets look great, so pretty especially compared to a lot of the rubbish mass produced ones. I’d love to go hunting for eggs in the morning, maybe one day i’ll have a home with enough land to have a few ducks and chickens! x


  • Charters says:

    Your purses and wallets are really lovely, the material so fresh and modern.


  • adaliza says:

    Flora found us by accident – we didn’t ever intend keeping a duck! If you have a look in Claws & Paws back in May – you’ll see her as a day old chick, when I found her abandoned! She’s such a wonderful character and great addition to our family!


  • Planet Penny says:

    Oh I do like those little purses, so pretty!


  • Your purses are lovely, I’ve just had a catch up of your blog, there are some lovely photo’s of your holiday and Autumn. Happy birthday for last week and I’m glad you are feeling better now. If I had to pick a word for a group of purses I’d probably choose a Profusion of Purses. :o)

    Jan x


  • Anita Mistry says:

    Your purses and wallets are lovely and bright- very pretty.


  • Kat says:

    Really like the beige and red wallet. I wish I could make something like the snap close purses but I wouldn’t know where to start. The look absolutely fantastic!


  • Susie says:

    Wow, those are so pretty, especially the wallets. You make them sound like you just whip them up! I imagine I could make a mess of that. LOL And the thought of a duck knocking on the door to announce she was laying an egg somewhere for me to find. It all sounds so enchanting, like you live in a fairy tale. Why did my ancestors ever cross the big pond? 🙂


  • adaliza says:

    It doesn’t always feel like a fairytale, but Flora has brought a special kind of magic with her! I never knew that ducks had such character!


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