Vintage style – rin tin tin …

23/11/2011 § 1 Comment

I’ve been treating myself to a few vintagey bits & bobs …

Needlewoman Magazines

I already have a few of these classic 1950’s magazines that belonged to my mother.  They epitomise vintage style and the advertisements are amazing.  Can’t wait to show you some of the designs that I’m going to use for my Christmas stockings and for freehand embroidery on the new machine.

Talking of which …

the new Janome Horizon is totally amazing.  I haven’t had much time to play with all the bells & whistles but I’ve done some freemotion quilting and freehand embroidery – trying to replenish my much depleted stock!

Back to the magazines – originally they contained embroidery transfers and some of Mum’s still have them inside.  This little batch doesn’t have transfers, but I reckon that I’ll be able to sketch out my own designs for some real retro rockin’n rollin patterns – watch this space!

And what about this then?

Vintage tin

Isn’t this just the sweetest cottage you’ve ever seen?  Look at the pink door – yes, a PINK FRONT DOOR – with red roses all around, a thatched roof and leaded windows, flung open to let in the sweet scent of the cottage garden blooms – oh – this is a dream home, no doubt!

I couldn’t resist, apart from wanting to live in the pretty country cottage, I wanted the tin with its garland of leaves around the side! A genuine Huntley & Palmers biscuit tin in near perfect condition!  You’ll never guess what I’m going to use it for …

OK you probably will guess, it’s a bit of a no-brainer …

Button Tin

It’s already rattling beautifully with some of my favourite vintage buttons!

Now – I have a dilemma …

sewing or sketching – sewing or sketching – sewing or sketching

not an easy choice, but I reckon that an hour with my sketch pad now will pay dividends when I have a bit of time to play with my new toy!

I’m bursting with ideas – just need lots more time!

I’m off …

Adaliza x


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§ One Response to Vintage style – rin tin tin …

  • Mrs A. says:

    I don’t have any of the pattern books but I do have a loads of the transfer sheets. Some of the designs are sheer classics and I love to just look through them. Your post has been a nice walk down memory lane. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Mrs A.


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