Friendship stars, log cabins and Christmas

03/12/2011 § Leave a comment

Yesterday I rediscovered some quilts that I made about 12 years ago …

Friendship Star quilt

King Size Friendship Star Quilt

Christmas Bricks

Christmas Bricks

Nothing like a lively check on the back!

Nothing like a lively check on the back!

Christmas Log Cabin

Christmas Log Cabin

They were all safely stacked away at the back of the airing cupboard – just waiting for me to have a good tidy up!  I used soft wool as wadding and the log cabin is backed with warm red fleece – just perfect for keeping knees warm in the winter!  They are all lightly hand-quilted and I can hardly believe that I made them.

I love the pattern on the log cabin – to tell the truth, I hadn’t even noticed the solid green pattern until I uploaded this photo!  Can’t remember whether it’s there by accident or design!  And all those tiny 1″ squares around the edges – hand cut in the days before my rotary cutter.

The huge Friendship Star is a real deep mid-winter quilt – it’s weighty due to the heavy wool wadding.  I reckon it could quite easily keep you warm and snug in an igloo! This one may be for sale tomorrow at the Vintage & Retro Market in Winchester.  Should it go, or should it stay?  Decisions, decisions …

Should I get up into the loft and fetch the Christmas decorations?  Should we go shopping to town or out for lunch, or for a stroll in the New Forest with the collies maybe?  Should I make more Christmas stockings or cushions?

I’ll just have another cuppa and stroke these quilts for a bit, while I decide …

Enjoy the weekend

Adaliza x




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