Christmas day showstoppers …

25/12/2011 § Leave a comment

We love these with a glass of bubbly or cuppa at Christmas …

Mum always made them on Christmas morning and I’m carrying on the tradition.  They’re SOOooooooo quick and easy and everybody loves them.  They take about 15-20 minutes and that includes baking them!

1 pack of puff pastry – rolled into a square and cut into 16 little squares.  Brush with beaten egg.
Marzipan pieces – rolled into thin sausage shapes and placed diagonally across each square.  Squish so it’s not overlapping the ends – it melts a bit and oozes all on its own.

Fold corner of pastry across the marzipan sausages, press to stick together and brush the tops with beaten egg.
Cook on a baking tray at 200 C for approx 10-12 minutes – until pastry is golden brown and marzipan is bubbly.

Drizzle with glace icing and top with half a glace cherry.

Stacked up on a pretty glass plate they look amazing and taste even better.  You could make them tiny and call them petit fours.

They’re perfect for a party and the boys’ eyes lit up this morning when they saw them “Brilliant Mum – you’ve made these again”.  They won’t last long I suspect!  Just what Christmas baking should be – quick, easy and popular.

Now on to the sprouts …

Adaliza x




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