New Quilt …

29/12/2011 § Leave a comment

A new quilt is in the making …

Blocking draft 1

Just before Christmas, when we escaped to Bath, I spent a delicious half hour or so in Country Threads Patchwork.  What a fabulous selection of fabrics to browse through -such fun!  Choosing, deciding, which colours appealed, what could I make with that, what colours to put together, what patterns were singing a jolly tune.

This retro panel has lovely words – I love you, M is for memories, Dream out Loud – all in a classic 1930’s style.  But – and it’s a big BUT – many of the blocks are different sizes – different lengths and heights!  It’s taken a bit of courage to decide what best to do and I’ve decided to go with a Brick Pattern – so the rows use blocks of the same height.  I’m using quite a few plain blocks, as I want the words to take centre stage, and a colour palette of cream, soft green, turkey red, black and caramel.

This is Draft 1 of the blocking and has way too much of the black winceyette backing showing through.  When I make a big quilt I always take a photo so that I can see what’s going well and what isn’t working with the colours.  Can you see where it starts to go wrong?  The first 4 rows (from the top down) seem fine, but rows 5, 6 and 7 are in trouble!  It’s all sorted now though.  The quilt is going to be large – a good double size.  I think it’ll be called ‘Vogue’.

I won’t be able to work on it again until the weekend but I’ve pinned all the blocks and sewn the first few rows together – it’s SOoooo exciting.

This quilt is going to span the bridge between the old year and the new.  Hopes and dreams and memories all sewn together.  Just how a quilt should be!

Happy New Year to you all.  Take care, keep safe, stay warm and be happy.

Adaliza x

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