Quilting days …

15/01/2012 § 22 Comments

I’m completely obsessed with quilting!

It’s a phase, it’ll pass and some other creative urge will take over, but for the moment, I’m completely smitten with creating patchwork quilts.

The process is long-winded and whichever part of the process I’m in, I positively ache to reach the next stage …

When I’m choosing fabrics, I want to be cutting out; when I’m choosing the pattern and making the first cut, with breath held in anticipation and trepidation, I want to be piecing.  Then, with the blocks all arranged it grows – row by row as I piece it together – and all I can think about is the quilting!

Eventually, the quilt top, all lightweight and crisp is pressed and trimmed ready for making the quilt sandwich.  But before any of that can happen – there’s the back!  A simple lightweight stripe in palest green and rose for this quilt. Of course, there’s the name to be chosen and a label stitched, then the back-ache of leaning over and pinning – and pinning – and pinning – all the layers together and still I’m thinking about the quilting!  Expectation and challenge, all rolled into one!

Then, the magic moment – feed dogs lowered, super-slider mat in place, and we’re off on a journey across every block.  I’ve found that classical waltzes are the ultimate music-to-quilt-to!  And guess what – while I’m listening and quilting, in my head I’m planning the next project!

Binding is definitely an evening pursuit.  Good light and a good film are what’s required and last night, Rose’s binding was hand-stitched whilst I enjoyed The Bridges of Madison County.  I’d finished by the time I needed tissues!  I love that film!

Meet Rose – quilt no 2 of 2012 …

Here are some of my favourite blocks – just can’t decide on an overall favourite …

It’s almost 5′ square so would fit a double bed, or generously engulf a single bed or sofa, for snuggling and cuddling.  It’s all crisp at the moment, until the first wash brings all the texture of the quilting popping up and wobbling amongst the meandering waves of stitching.

I’m on a pink mission at the moment – the next one’s all geraniums!  And after that there are blues and russets, but maybe I’ll be making other things before then.  I’m loving my quilting days at the moment – more quilting minutes really, snatched in amongst a busy schedule of home and work, collies and Flora the duck.

I’m linking up to Wendy’s Handmade Monday and maybe some others this week!

Enjoy the sunshine – are we going to have any snow?

Adaliza x!

PS (September 2012 – Rose has been all over the west country with us in Dolly this summer. I absolutely love her and spent precious moments just before drifting off to sleep, tracing the quilting stitches in waves and remembering that I made her)!

§ 22 Responses to Quilting days …

  • mcrafts says:

    Adaliza – you are amazing! 2nd quilt of the year and its only the 15th Jan. I loved your blog this week – felt like I was with you every step of the way! Mich x


  • Jill says:

    Two quilts and we are only half way through January! I am so impressed and jealous, they look absolutely gorgeous.


  • That’s impressive work there! Never been one for quilting… until my boss mentioned it not so long ago. Now I kinda want to have a go but not sure if I could put the time in to it. But lovely work non the less!


  • RosMadeMe says:

    I so agree with you about quilting… well actually any craft, the minute I start one process I long to be beginning the next. Your rose quilt is a real delight and I am sure will be very well loved 🙂


  • Wendy says:

    Oh wow – such a lovely quilt and such a well-worded post. I absolutely adore quilts and was similarly obsessed with quilting when I was in my teens. Yes, I kinda grew out of it but maybe I’ll get back there one day. You are an inspiration! 🙂


  • I am so impressed with your sticking ability! I am totally like you in that I am always wanting to be doing the next bit of the project. My New Years Resolution this year was to finish everything that I start before moving on to the next project and as you will see from this weeks blog post I have already failed 15 days in!! I love these quilts they are gorgeous and I envy your ability to make such nice things. I’d love some quilted cushions I think they would go down a treat 🙂 xXx


  • Caroline says:

    Beautiful I too love quilting and you would have loved the ones on exhibition yesterday, so many fabrics and such fun to make. Love the idea of the waltzes for the top stitching. Happy stitching or crafting this week


  • Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! Me too, count me in; I’m hooked – I think I may well be suffering from ACPD – Addictive Crafty Personality Disorder but I’m loving the waltz idea. Have a lovely week.


  • Dee says:

    I wish i had your patience! You have lovely results, I don’t think I’d be able to do that much, as much as I love sewing I always want to do something else when I get half way through something!
    Absolutely stunning xx


  • Susie says:

    Just beautiful! I have thought of quilting, but I know I would get in the middle of it and never finish. I love that you have the patience and tenacity for such a large project. I like the idea of it, and I think I would love the planning. But the execution. That takes a special person. Bless you!


  • Kimberley says:

    Omgosh so beautiful, you must be proud of what you’ve achieved!


  • Jam Dalory says:

    That is beautiful, its one of those pieces that looks more gorgeous the more you look at it and see the detail in the fabric on each piece. Only halfway through January and you’ve made two already? Blimey! x


  • I love the pink, very Spring 😀 I have never knew how quilts were made before.



  • I love the colours in the Rose Quilt, it reminds me of sweeties and summer days. It’s very beautiful.

    Jan x


  • redneedle says:

    Thanks for your lovely comment. You should have entitled this post ‘The alternative guide to quiltmaking’ very amusing. I was fortunate enough to get a quilt making book for Christmas but as of yet have not taken the plunge


  • Wow – amazing work! I can’t believe you have completed two quilts this year already!!


    Ali x


  • Pickle-Lily says:

    Wow – a beautiful quilt. I joined a new patchwork group last Thursday, and can only hope to aspire what you create.
    Jo x


  • That is lovely. And the 2nd of the year? I’m off to find out what a superslider mat is and to try it out with music!


  • Anita Mistry says:

    They’re all lovely wish I had the patience to do quilting there are so many pretty fabrics to use.


  • anne lucey says:

    Truly beautiful quilts! I enjoyed very much reading your blog -being a quilt, dog and duck lover. Hard to type tho with my littke rescued runner duck insisting on helping me type.


  • adaliza says:

    Oh – you must send photos! Flora was so funny this morning – first snow day!


  • The colours of your quilt are really summerey ( is that how you spell it) and they go so well together, did you buy them to match or was it a happy accident?


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