Spring lambs …

29/01/2012 § Leave a comment

The lambs were arriving thick and fast this morning at Sparsholt College, near Winchester.  Every year, for one weekend, the college welcomes everyone to come and capture the magic of springtime and welcome their newborns lambs.  The ewes are left to deliver unaided if they can, but help is on hand immediately if they need it.  This morning, the shepherd expertly helped a first-time mother and then helped another ewe deliver a breech lamb.

The ewes had been scanned in November so they knew how many each ewe was carrying.  The mothers with their babies are kept in the barn for a short time before being moved out to the pastures.  They were in the pens nearest the visitors, enjoying the attention.  The birthing barn was just behind – the big screen showed the latest birth from the camera in the middle of the barn.

It was amusing to hear the conversations around me – mothers recounting in gory detail their own experiences of childbirth; children saying ‘Ugh’ and ‘Can we go home now?’ Other youngsters asking the shepherd wonderful questions and were clearly enthralled by what they saw.  There were wagon rides, husky sleighs and a few stalls too.  I’m sure I could smell bacon rolls too, but left before I felt too hungry!

What a lovely Sunday morning!


PS there’s a video over on Kristin Nicholas’ blog showing a live birth + more cute lamb pictures from the US

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