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01/02/2012 § Leave a comment

Turn a new page – new pictures to enjoy – first day of a new month …


Coast and country scenes prevail in our home
and this photo that appears on the special calendar that I had printed, from our Calendar Girl Collies to their ‘Daddy’ for Christmas!

As I went around this morning, turning pages, I stopped to smile, and gulp, as I looked at this little sketch that I bought at a car boot sale a few years ago …

Now if you’re into Monty Roberts the horse whisperer, or any form of natural horsemanship, you may be familiar with the term ‘Join Up’ – it’s when your horse comes in to you as a mark of trust and respect!  I did a post last year that goes into a bit more detail and links up to one of Monty’s videos.

How often do we put up pictures and then forget to look at them as they become so familiar?  This one’s a poignant reminder of my black Welsh Cob called Storm who joined up with me enthusiastically many years ago – a 3 hour operation to repair my broken elbow, wrist and fingers followed!  He was startled by a squawking chicken, and leapt on top of me – me being a place of safety obviously!  Now I set off alarms because of all the metal in my arm!

I must get some photos of him, but I must admit I do get a bit upset as I had to have him put down a year later when he was so badly injured and would have forever been unsound.  Gulp a bit more, I try to take some comfort from the fact that he didn’t suffer and I know what happened to him.  I make a pact with all my animals – they’re with me until the end of their lives.  I said my final goodbye to Storm 10 years ago and still the thought of him brings tears to my eyes.

Gulp some more and think about sewing instead …

Here are some of the purses that I’m working on in the final few days before the gallery show.  Sorry to keep on about it but I’m SOooooo excited – I’ve never done one before and feel a bit nervous and excited all at the same time.  These little beauties are lining up on the mantlepiece along with all the little flower brooches, hair slides & flower pins that I’ve been making.

Better hop – there’s fish and chips for supper tonight but before that, there’s a little duck pecking at the back door.  It’s freezing cold and she’s ready to waddle down the garden to her warm straw bed in the henhouse.

Wrap up warm now …

Adaliza x



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