Flora’s first snow …

05/02/2012 § 7 Comments

“What’s this?  My little world’s all white …”

Mrs Quacky usually hurls herself at the door, as I approach and protests loudly until her freedom is granted.  But this morning, it took her a full 5 minutes of peeking out at the strange white world, before venturing down the ramp …

Footprints? What?

What do you think, you handsome watering-can?

Who says I'm in a flap?

Don’t know how I managed not to shake, I was chuckling so much this morning!  I love the way that animals (and ducks) are so direct in what they do.  You could hear the cogs turning in Flora’s birdy brain this morning when she encountered snow for the first time.  She needed much encouragement to venture out of her safe little house and down the ramp.  I love the way she looked back at her footprints!

There’s very little snow really, just a dusting.  Last night I was over-excited at the prospect of a white world – I absolutely love snow!  Couldn’t sleep ‘cos it was like daylight out there – it didn’t get dark at all.  The sky was pale grey at 1 am – don’t know about later ‘cos I did drift off after another few rows of crochet!  I lit all the candles and put on all the twinkling lights …

I ventured outside for just one photo in the dark …

and then kissed the collies, before I turned in myself …

The sofa to myself - now, go to bed 'cos I'm very tired!

Enjoy the snow …

Adaliza x


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§ 7 Responses to Flora’s first snow …

  • Hi from western Massachusetts where we are having an abnormally warm and relatively snowless winter! Have fun it it. It is so beautiful! Keep crocheting.


  • Wendy says:

    The gallery show looks amazing! Love the duck pics!


  • fatmonica says:

    Love Flora!And your gallery show looks fabulous and the dogs are so beautiful!


  • Jenna says:

    Love the duck photos. She’s very brave to venture out into the snow.


  • Planet Penny says:

    Love the expression on the dogs faces, so guilty, but determined to stay put. I have just the same problem over the warm patch on my sofa! x


  • Natalie, the Chickenblogger says:

    Really dear. I can’t wait to share these pictures with my daughter. Wishing for snow has become an obsession in our home! Enjoy!


  • adaliza says:

    I nearly rolled over with laughing when I saw your photo of Betty chicken kicking the hay bale. Tried to leave a comment but wasn’t logged in or something and had to dash off to work – it still makes me laugh – “Kick it, Betty”!!!


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