Decisions, decisions …

20/02/2012 § 7 Comments

Time for a quick cuppa and …

I have to decide which mug best suits the occasion!  These are my favourites (at the moment) with PiP Home scoring well with 3 out of 6!  Polka dot is for when it’s dark, pony & red kites are for post-afternoon walks and CK village & red robin are for mornings!  I love the pink one but had to retrieve it from the dishwasher for a mugshot!  How lazy is that!  Do you have different cups for different types & times of the day?

This afternoon I’ve plumped for the one that’s being shy in the middle at the back -a colour scheme that suits the afternoon – soft greys and blues, a few rose sprigs – and of course, all that lovely gold …


There’s nothing like a cup of tea while you’re waiting for pictures to upload!

I’ve been playing around with some mini light-hearted projects …

Tweet little fabric pictures to cheer up a tiny corner.

I’m off to play with the MagiMix whizzy thing and do some super speedy chopping up for tonight’s supper.  Chicken & lentil casserole is on the menu.  Hearts & Flowers afghan is progressing at a gentle, rhythmical pace so more pics soon – with a fair wind and countless cuppas!

Pop over to Wendy’s Handmade Monday – pop the kettle on first!


PS – Thank you for all your comments and messages about the little pictures – the boat’s a winner atm – unless you think otherwise???
Let me know …

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§ 7 Responses to Decisions, decisions …

  • Wendy says:

    I love your little pictures, especially the sailing boat! I have different cups for different drinks and when the kids buy me a mug, they’ll say “now is that a tea cup or a coffee cup?” – it seems only I know the difference. And then there’s soup mugs and hot chocolate mugs … nobody seems to understand it!!


  • Jill says:

    You are so right – there are certain mugs that go with certain kinds of day. Plus different sizes too – first thing in the morning I like a BIG mug of coffee. Your pictures are so lovely, especially the boat. Hope you have a good week.


  • Caroline says:

    Lovely bright and colourful mugs. Love the pictures


  • Jam Dalory says:

    I don’t drink tea or coffee so don’t really think about mugs, I have a few random ones in the kitchen cupboard but that’s about it. Those pictures are great, the boat is definately my favourite. x


  • great cups!
    oh yeah, i am a BIG CUP AND MUG LOVER


  • your crockery is so pretty, i esp love the one with folky stripes 🙂

    i dont know which pic i like more – the boat or the bird…
    all are cute 🙂


  • Hi there,
    Lovely to meet you ‘virtually’ – hope you enjoyed the video!

    Im particularly fond of the mug you chose – good choice. Seeing as Im a folk painter, its prob not surprising I’d pick that one.

    Im off to look through the rest of your lovely site.



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