Vintage comfort …

02/03/2012 § 2 Comments

It’s the first Vintage & Retro Market in Winchester this Sunday and I’ve been getting ready …

Ooh, I wish the sun would come out and shine on this amazing gold cushion – it positively shimmers and glimmers in the light.  It’s so dull here this afternoon.  We were spoilt by the sunshine in Wales last weekend, and here earlier in the week.  I even pruned the Dublin Bay rose bush!

The forecast for Sunday is not good.  That’s the only problem with being in an outside venue, although our stalls are all set up and very sturdy, so we keep quite cosy, all huddled together in Winchester’s High Street.

I’ve made a pair of the gold brocade and patchwork cushions and another cushion with a sentiment that makes me smile – the light had faded by the time I’d finished it this afternoon, so you’ll have to wait for a picture tomorrow!  It’s quite different and makes use of the Elna embroidery machine – which I only use for text!  So there’s a clue!

And …

do your fingers get burned whenever you pick up a take-away coffee?  Mine do!  So I’ll carry one of these in my handbag from now on, to protect my fingers – and to keep my drink hotter for longer!  Jolly Coffee Cup Cosies – what do you think?

And …

Mrs Nosey Quackyknickers was intrigued by the coffee cup cosies, all lined up on the little table at the bottom of the garden.  She had a big stretch up to see what they were, and then had a quick peck!  She’s so funny and has become ‘guardian of the garden’

This afternoon, I laughed and laughed as she marched up from the flower bed where she’d been having a nap, when a cheeky pigeon landed on the patio and was pecking for scraps in her feed dish.  She strutted up, with her beak tucked in close to her chest and all her feathers puffed out – she looked SO funny – in a proper huff!  Poor pigeon flew off, in panic at this spectacle!  Flora was so pleased with herself and broke into a HUGE   Q U A C K   Q U A C K   Q U A C K in triumph!  She’s developing into a real character this year.

Although the gardens need rain, maybe we could keep everything crossed that the downpours don’t last all day on Sunday – please!

Adaliza x


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§ 2 Responses to Vintage comfort …

  • Jenny says:

    Your cushions are beautiful – yes a shame the sun didn’t shine! The cup cosies are fab – useful and a great way to brighten up those boring takeaway cups 🙂
    Hope Sunday goes well!


  • Fairs are so hit and miss, but they send our emotions on a roller coaster. If you decided to not go because of the weather, it would have been packed out with people saying ‘ we wanted something to do on this rainy day’!


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