Hearts & flowers & bunnies & ducks …

10/03/2012 § 1 Comment

It must be Spring in the air …

Couldn’t resist these little wooden bunnies & ducks.  I’m going to make an Easter tree for the house this year so that’s where they’re headed, but I though they’d like to see the Spring blossom and catch a bit of sunshine first!

Remember my second blanket – I started it in Cornwall a few weeks ago and named it Hearts & Flowers …

I still like the idea of patchwork squares in crochet and bit by bit, very gently, the blocks and squares are coming together …

Oh – and what about my new toy?  Meet ‘The Mirror Maker’ …


it was a hefty investment but I’ve wanted to make fabric-covered mirrors for a while.  I’ve used vintage Liberty Lawns and Liberty flowers appliqued onto a plain linen weave.  I’m so pleased with the results.   I’m thinking – wedding favours, party gifts as well as pretty presents with personalised vintage wool covers.  What do you think?

At last I’ve found a zoom lens.  I love a bargain and I took a bit of punt on a quite elderly Minolta zoom lens, hoping that I’d remembered a conversation with a camera geek who said that Minolta parts will fit a Sony camera.  He was right!  It’s awesome and all for the princely sum of £5 from a charity shop this morning!

I’ve got so many new toys to play with now, the sun is shining and it feels just as though Spring has arrived.

Nearly forgot …

I’ve finally got the hang of doing ripples.  It’s taken quite a few attempts but one evening this week, I cracked it!  I treated myself to a few balls of Drops Karisma this morning, so I can practise.  My sample is probably destined to become a coffee pot cosy and is most likely to have some flowers added for fun.

Two wild ducks flew into the garden this morning – Flora was all of a quack!  I was scared she’d try to flap after them, but eventually, after much loud quacking and waddling, they flew off so quickly that she wondered where they’d gone.  She had to be cuddled for a full 10 minutes on my lap and given chopped up grapes to take her mind off it all.  She’s never seen another duck before but they were so much smaller than she is that I’m not entirely sure she thought she was one of them.  Anyway, she’s happily helped me out with my photoshoot this afternoon and of course, become the focus of even more photos …

Have a cup of tea Flora, and forget about those other ducks – what do you think of this cup cosy?


Enjoy your weekend …

Adaliza x

§ One Response to Hearts & flowers & bunnies & ducks …

  • Lululoves says:

    What a lovely blanket, such beautiful colours, and I just love those liberty prints on the mirrors they would be perfect party favours! You’ve inspired me to start rippling… x


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