Is science stronger than instinct?

15/03/2012 § 1 Comment

Not when it comes to making porridge in the morning!

I have a dear friend who, despite making porridge every morning for years, still measures everything!

Porridge is definitely the best start to the day in this house too, but I seem to have some strange instinct when it comes to working out how much milk, oats & oatbran to use.  I never measure anything and use a variety of different pans – depending on how many I’m feeding first thing in the morning!

As I was stirring the pan of milky, oaty goodiness this morning, I pondered this question.  I came to the conclusion that instinct is a funny thing.  It’s a feeling, maybe a rediscovery of something we previously knew but have forgotten, how does it work?  I expect there’s a scientific answer!

When it’s all creamy and bubbly though, I choose a wide bowl that maximises the amount of granola I can sprinkle on top, add a shake of sugar and it’s time to enjoy.

Granola is my favourite topping at the moment, but sometimes it’s a generous spoonful of homemade jelly – spiced elderberry is my absolute favourite for winter breakfasts; sometimes summer fruits and sometimes just good old-fashioned sugar!  I’m not a salt & porridge person at all.  This morning I asked Himself if he’d like some porridge with his honey, so much of the sticky stuff made it into his bowl!

Sometimes I make an extra helping and almost fill a couple of ramekin bowls, then pop them into the fridge.  When I get home from work and need a snack, I’ll add a dollop of fruity yoghurt on top (that’s why I don’t fill the bowls) or some slices of apple or pear.

What a perfect start to the day …

And hasn’t porridge been scientifically proved to be good for you?  I’m sure I read that somewhere, especially if oatbran is added.  Did I know that instinctively maybe?

Enjoy your day.

Adaliza x

§ One Response to Is science stronger than instinct?

  • CalicoKate says:

    I still measure mine too! Simply can’t get it right if I don’t, always end up making too much! However can’t add anything to it at all these days, made simply with water and then add cold milk once it is in the bowl. Doesn’t sound very interesting does it! Love it though, hey ho!


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