Spring cleaning …

03/04/2012 § Leave a comment

in my sewing studio!

What a funny day, weatherwise, we’ve had today.  This morning it was frosty on the grass and poor Flora tippy-toed down to the pond in her webbed feet!  We jaunted – what a lovely word that is; a bit of a trip with no particular purpose – to Salisbury and enjoyed a wander around through the busy market square and then along Fisherton Street.  We love Salisbury and sat outside enjoying lattes in the sunshine – chilly but sunny – just fine!

This afternoon I’ve been doing a bit of a spring clean.  No photos because, silly me, I thought I’d charged the camera battery but hadn’t! It’s all tickety-boo with wools and corduroys safely stashed and yards and yards of patchwork and cushion fabrics colour stashed (well, sort of) there are Soooooooo many colours and patterns!  I   L O V E   LOVE   Love    love  my fabrics.

I couldn’t start another quilt without having a thorough sort out and it’s been done, finito, sorted!

In the middle of all the sorting and stacking, we had a rainstorm, hail and then thunder.  I dashed downstairs to shut the lid on Flora’s nest box which I leave open to give it an airing most days.  Her bed was still quite dry and sheltered, so she’ll be tucked up in there tonight safe and warm.  Phew – then back upstairs to finish the task.

Now it’s bright & sunshiney with scudding clouds of so many different colours – pinks, greys and white against a winter-blue sky.

Hopefully some photos again soon, when the camera – and the photographer – are fully charged again!

I Soooooo Love the Holidays – yippee.  Such freedom.

Adaliza x

PS  Thank you to everyone who popped by for a chat on Sunday – it was lovely to meet so many interesting people and new customers. I’m brimming full of new ideas for the next markets in May – a little bit of Spring Fever I think – bursting with energy & plans!

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