Thank you for my Easter egg!

08/04/2012 § Leave a comment

Thank you Flora – for laying a beautiful egg for my breakfast, today!

When I opened her little hutch door this morning, Flora was still in her nest box.  She’d made herself a lovely ducky-shaped nest from straw and shavings and she must have been very snuggly all night.

Does this photo give a better idea of the lovely nestiness she’d created overnight?  Having ‘mucked out more stables than I care to remember over the years, I make up Flora’s bed each night with deep clean shavings on the floor of her nesty bit, and a deep wall of straw around three sides.

She must have worked quite hard to create her beautiful round nest, last night and then decided to lay an egg in it – my Easter egg!

There’s nothing quite like a perfect poached egg to start the day …

Several years ago, when clearing my favourite Aunt’s little house, I brought home a variety of interesting kitchen utensils.  Every day, as a scoop my little egg out of the water, I think of her – I have no idea what this long-handled slotted spoon was designed for, but it’s perfect for poached eggs!  I rest the spoon on the side of the pan for half a minute or so, to allow the water to drip off before popping it onto the buttery toast.

Wasn’t it Fay Weldon who coined the phrase ‘Go to work on an egg’?  Well, my take on that is …

“Go quilt, on an egg!”

and enjoy Easter Day – roast lamb from Beechcroft Farm is on the menu for today and I’ve got quilting to enjoy.

Happy Easter

Adaliza x

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