Jaunting in Wales and the Pink Moon …

10/04/2012 § 1 Comment

April’s full moon is known as the Pink Moon!

West Wales was beautiful last week.  We enjoyed a bit of a jaunt down to see Dad.  Misty, chilly mornings with long shadows followed by delightfully long, clear days, red kites swirling over the garden, sea breezes, Welsh cobs, mystical sunsets, starry skies, a full moon and fields full of Spring lambs.  Magical.

Since arriving back at home – to a quacking Welcome from Flora – I’ve been quilting through a few rainy days and listening to the ClassicFm countdown. Definitely Beethoven and Tchaikovsky are the best for quilting to!

We’re off to Marlborough in a while, for another mini day-jaunt – I love holidays – perfect for jaunting!


PS seem to have some photos twice, whilst experimenting with the gallery setting!  No time to sort out – got to jaunt!

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  • renee says:

    Hello thanks for the love-ly pictures, long ago I met a lady from Wales visiting the motel where i use to work and run, and we became close . She would tell me great stories about the Country , so your blog brought me some memories fond ones too by Renee from FL. USA


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