Buttercup Farm and a Wildflower Meadow …

21/04/2012 § 14 Comments

We’ll make a start, down on the farm …

Buttercup Farm cot quilt


Buttercup the cow lives happily on a magical quilted farm with all her friends. There’s Percy the Pony, Petal the Piggy, dancing lambs and lots of ducks and chickens, too numerous to name.  Fields of bright folky sunflowers bloom all around the pastures and cheerful gingham farm tracks divide up the land!  The back is vintage striped flannelette, bordered with patchwork, a name label & date, to boot!

Buttercup Farm

What a pretty quilt, for a cot or chair in the nursery!




Then, there’s the Wildflower Meadow – a double-bed sized quilt that I have Soooooooo loved making …

(These photos are in a gallery, so click and they’ll open up much larger, so you can see all the stitch & pattern details).

I’m totally into free motion quilting and the difference in texture between the quilted vintage, pure white cotton and the bright florals really make this quilt sing – not too loudly, just a gentle lullaby! It’s so soft and drapey too- if that makes sense.

I’m working on another one as we speak (well not at this precise moment, cos I’m typing away whilst waiting for one of Flora’s eggs to hard-boil for a lunchtime sandwich)!  I’ve just treated myself to one of those wire egg cutter contraptions so I can have perfect, slim eggy slices – yum.  Have visions of a slippery egg flying across the kitchen – will let you know how I get on!

Winchester was lovely this morning – just for an hour, I wandered about the little streets, mainly avoiding the bustle of the High Street and weekend market.  The Cathedral was magnificent in the Spring sunshine and I simply enjoyed mooching around knowing that I live here.  Although sometimes I think my heart is still in Wales, I’m beginning to accept that after over 30 years, Winchester is feeling more and more like home!

Enjoy your weekend.

Adaliza x

End Note:  The egg slicer worked a treat.  Toothache is soul-destroying and I’ve been in agony for what seems like eternity, over most of the weekend. I’m waiting to hear back from a local dental practice to see if they can fit me in and put an end to my toe-curling agony.

I’m going to pop over later on to catch up with everyone on Handmade Monday, over at Wendy’s 1st Unique Gifts, to see it you can all take my mind off my toothache.

Have a good week everyone.


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§ 14 Responses to Buttercup Farm and a Wildflower Meadow …

  • The quilt looks lovely and I know what you mean about drapey – just perfect! My mum used to have one of those egg slicers when I was a teenager – it worked well then too. Hope your toothache eases soon x


  • t1ckledp1nk says:

    Beautiful quilt, the pastel colours are lovely and so relaxing for a bedroom.
    Hope the toothache goes, we have a dentist visit this week which I am dreading!


  • lululovescrochet says:

    Wow your wildflower meadow quilt is one of the prettiest I’ve seen – I love the colours and fabric choices. Hope your toothache clears up soon x


  • Your photos wont load on my computer but I bet these are more gorgeous designs 🙂


  • adaliza says:

    Oh, I wonder why not. Is anyone else having problems with the photos? I sized these so they’re supposed to be faster to load but maybe it’s causing a problem. Do let me know.


  • mcrafts says:

    The quilt as ever is amazing! Hope that your toothache clears and that you enjoyed your egg! Mich x


  • I can’t see your Buttercup Farm quilt which is such a shame because it sounds delightful. I can see the Wildflower Quilt and it’s beautiful, I love the colours.
    I use one of those egg slicers, it makes making a sandwich or a salad so much easier.

    Jan x


  • Caroline says:

    The quilts sound wonderful and you have been busy and like Butterfly Blosom cannot see the pic’s boo hoo!


  • I too had some problems but from the pictures I can see your work looks amazing with a capital A!


  • adaliza says:

    I’ve just uploaded some other images and would love your feedback, on whether or not you can see them.


  • adaliza says:

    Would love to know if you can view the photos in today’s post. Not sure what the problem was yesterday, but your feedback would be gratefully received. Thanks Adaliza


  • Lovely quilt. I can see the smaller images in the middle of your post but not the images near the beginning.

    Toothache is awful to have. I hope it gets sorted for you soon.


  • Susie says:

    I hate that you have a toothache! I hope they get it fixed fast. I just had my regular appointment a couple of weeks ago, I hate going, but I go regularly, as I want to have my teeth forever. One of my life goals. Beautiful quilt, I couldn’t see the other photos at the top, the links didn’t work. Too bad.


  • Nicola Ellen says:

    I can’t see the top two pictures but the ones underneath look lovely 🙂 I love the colours. I hope your toothache goes soon xx


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