Odd ball crochet …

25/04/2012 § 1 Comment

Whilst rippling along on the crest of a wave, with Ripple One blanket, I’m acquiring many odds and ends of yarn …

Keeping Mum's place warm

so I decided to move Belle and put them to good use …

Round Crochet Cushion

There's Ripple One in the background!

I didn’t have a plan, nor a pattern! I just went round in circles and had a bit of a play about with crocheting ’round the post’ both backwards and frontwards. I found a picture of a ‘waffle’ stitch and apparently it’s quite easy when you get the hang of it, so I wanted to experiment whilst being thrifty and using the ripply ends.  Actually, I had to raid my collection of odd whole balls by the end as it was quite a way round! The brilliant blue is a vintage yarn which is quite heavy in the hand, but it worked in nicely and I think it looks rather like a chunky china plate! I crocheted the back in the geranium pink and made a quick cushion from some old curtain lining and stuffing! It looks sort of homely and vintagey and reminds me of my childhood, though I’m not sure why!

In today’s other news …

Flora strutted down her ramp early this morning in the midst of blinding rain and a gale! She wasn’t at all bothered and made straight for the grass and an exciting slug hunt! She was tapping at the back door by the time I returned home from work this afternoon, and I thought of how apt the saying “water off a duck’s back” as despite the continuing (will-it-ever-stop) weather, apart from a few feathers on her head, she was dry as a could be!

Any food going?

A duck can't survive on rainwater alone!

No slugs in here!

Now, Flora has 2 garden ponds to play in but she loves fresh, cold water in an enamel bowl on the patio. Today’s freshen up was straight out of the sky and she loves to have a drink and a wash from her favourite watering hole!

Thought I’d leave you with a couple of collie snaps – Bluebelle (above) is our speckly nosed 4 yr old collie. It was her birthday last week, just as the bluebells came into bloom. She’d moved from ‘my place’ on the sofa to the top of the cushions which is her favourite spot as she can turn around and see anyone walking past the window. I frequently sit with her wrapped around my neck, like a fox fur collar!

Misty, didn’t want to be left out of today’s gallery …

Isn’t she a pretty girl? All grown up and 7 years old, greying a little around her muzzle now – I know just how she feels!

Now, move over Belle – I’m reclaiming my place!

Adaliza x

PS – it’s just tipping down again, so perfect weather for a spot of crochet, don’t you think?

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