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Ripple One – my first ripple blanket is finished!  And – the sun came out to celebrate!


I hooked away at the foundation chain and first row, whilst watching Wales win the Six Nations Triple Crown (its rugby, if you’re not Welsh), on 25 February and I finished it last evening 10 May.  That’s 75 days by my counting.

155 single rows (most stripes are 2 rows of the same colour) and she weighs 1.6 kg.  She’s 1.55 m from below the pillows to the bottom of the bed and 2.10 m wide, including the pineapple border.  I haven’t crocheted pineapples for at least 30 years – they’re fun!

Now I mentioned this morning that she’d challenged my perceptions.  Almost every day for months, I’ve measured  progress by holding her up against me, with the stripes horizontally placed.  Then, as I made more progress, I laid her on our bed – my beloved, who has become very attached to this blanket, kept asking if it was going to fit on the bed – but with the stripes placed horizontally she wasn’t wide enough to keep both of us warm.  I pondered and fussed for weeks – whilst still increasing the rows!  The solution was staring me in the face – as most do, if you wait for a while – turn her sideways!

I added a few rows and a simple red shell border to the top and bottom borders but wanted something just a bit showy for the sides. So when a rummage in a local charity shop revealed a huge bag of beautiful Robin pure wool, in a non-challenging grey, my mind was made up – pineapples all the way!

It took me a few attempts to reconcile myself to stripes going sideways, but all is well in ripple-land now. I’m so pleased with her. Last night we slept soundly, and this morning, when I woke I put my hand outside to feel her – such a sense of achievement.  It’s great to make something, to enjoy the journey and snuggle up in the result.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Alton – in sunshine hopefully – at the Art & Craft market.  Pop by and say Hello.

Enjoy your weekend.

Adaliza x

PS Read about her Easter journey here, although she appears in other posts too.

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