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27/05/2012 § 5 Comments

As we trundled back through Dorset, Devon and Wiltshire yesterday, before reaching home in Hampshire, I noticed the amazing flora in the verges – soft pink campions, frothy billowing cow parsley, majestic lords & ladies, crimson valerian and maybe my favourite flowers – foxgloves.

Today has seen much activity on our patio – Flora’s henhouse has moved from its winter spot, up by the house, to the lower patio closer to the grass and pond. I love our garden and had completely forgotten the foxgloves I planted late last year, on the lower edge of the big pond!  The first one is just out – all pale and dainty with beautiful spots inside the trumpets.

and then I had a bit of a wander around with the camera (with Flora at my heels, of course)!

The raised bed is about 2’6″ tall and I built the L-shaped wall myself – it’s all higgledy piggledly and roughly topped with bricks, but it’s been there for almost 10 years and brings the flowers right up to be level with the patio!  I must plant some night stock and fill it up with a bit of colour too.

I love our house – it’s just like a child would draw a house, 4 windows and a door in the middle!  When we moved here, 25 years ago or thereabouts, the garden was all grass with one huge white birch tree in the middle of the back garden!  The birch still stands, and every year I worry that it seems slower to leaf, as I know they’re not long lived trees, like oaks.  It’s fine again this year though so we’ll enjoy its shade all summer and watching loads of different types of birds as they feed on the tiny bugs hiding in the peeling bark.

The red cherry in the front garden flowers early in the year and is now in full leaf, with loads of tiny red cherries – looks like it’ll be a good crop, but the pigeons and Mrs Blackbird usually beat me to them!

Many, many years ago, I bought a tiny sprig of Christmas tree for 50p from a man at the market who was selling full size trees.  It thrived in a pot and after a few years produced a few fir cones.  I dried them, collected the seeds and they all grew.  I gave most of the miniature trees to friends and kept just 2 which are still in pots.  A few years ago, the original sprig – now about 6′ tall, was planted in the front garden.  I wind fairy lights around it in December – I’ve always wanted a tree that I could decorate outside!  Last year, I noticed some pink buds at the very top …

I had to search for quite a while to find this photo in last year’s archive  – taken in April 2011.  They’re just about ready to pick now and I shall have another go at growing baby trees!  I’ll let you know how they get on!

Did I mention that I’d been shopping in Lyme Regis yesterday – was it really only yesterday? This weekend has been so lovely – we’ve packed so much into it.  Earlier on this morning, we drove Dolly to one of the park & ride car parks which are always empty on Sundays.  It’s where all the Winchester parents take their children to learn to drive, so we choose a quiet spot away from any corners!  No – we didn’t drive off to a car park to brew up, we’re not quite that sad (yet) – we had to practise with that awning!  I couldn’t cope with the humiliation of it drooping so sadly on a campsite again.  Good old You Tube videos – there were full instructions and on the urban tarmac of south Winchester this morning, our awning stood – it’s all its stripey glory!  Quite retro really!

About that shopping …

Isn’t it beautiful?  I was totally seduced by its puffiness and stray feathers escaping from the seams.  Double-sided pink paisley with soft pale green swirls – I love LOVE  L O V E it!  It was a total treat – but I really had to have it for my Dolly-bed!

Have a lovely week – enjoy the sunshine, flowers, blue skies, baby birds – isn’t life wonderful, when the sun shines!

Adaliza x

PS – do link up with Handmade Monday over at the Handmade Harbour. I’ve had some dental surgery today – two & a half hours of it – I’ve been tranquilised & sedated since last night. It hurts, I ache, my teeth don’t feel like my teeth! I’ve just got up having slept for most of the day. Hope you have a lovely week – no sewing for me, I’m off to recover – horizontally!

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§ 5 Responses to Our patch …

  • What a lovely post – I loved reading about the garden and christmas trees! Hope your teeth feel better soon – enjoy the rest x


  • t1ckledp1nk says:

    Beautiful plants and flowers, hasn’t this weather been glorious and brought them all on. The eiderdown is fabulous and will suit Dolly down to the ground. xxx


  • Such a lovely post and your pics are great. Like the idea of the raised bed – easier to work on too I would think. I am sure Dolly will love the eiderdown. Hope you have a good week.


  • lisa says:

    Lovely photos and how lovely your garden looks. What a tranquil place your post has put me into!


  • Caroline says:

    Oh I love Lyme Regis brings back memories and that trail through Dorset and Wiltshire back into Hampshire, home we do live in a beautiful part of the world. Love your purchases and your garden is fantastic


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