Worth the wait …

31/05/2012 § 4 Comments

Not another parcel of ribbons from Carmarthen, but a book that I ordered a while ago …

I decided, during an evening browsing session, a couple of weeks ago that I needed a bit of a treat.  Isn’t it easy, these days? No trip to town, or jostling through crowds, just a sit down with the laptop and clickety-click – all done!  Then I forgot all about it until sifting through stuff in my inbox where I found the receipt. I didn’t want to look too closely as I couldn’t actually remember what I’d bought! (It’s an age thing – just wait all you youngsters – your time will come).  Anyway, for the last few days, and especially since my experience in the dentist’s chair on Monday, I’ve been looking forward to my surprise – and today it arrived!

I almost didn’t want to open it ‘cos the cover in itself was worth the wait! I’ve only had a little peek ‘cos, like the best bit of a pie, I want to save some till last! This one caught my eye though …

What a project – could I ever attempt something like that? So much inspiration oozing from these pages – and so much more to ooze!

I already have one of his other books …

A treat from a couple of years ago, with pages packed full of colour and amazing photographs. I love his use of simple panels and blocks to complement vibrant and exciting colours and patterns.  Totally awesome.

I pulled out a load of fabrics to make this cushion some time last week, but then forgot I was going to make it! (Is there a bit of a theme going on here?) Not till I opened it up just now to look for a favourite picture, did I put 2+2 together and make the link with that pile of fabrics in the sewing room – I wondered how they got there!  Maybe later on …

I’m going to blame all the painkillers & antibiotics – there’s a nasty infection where I once had a tooth and I’m stoked up and rattling with pills!  It’s obviously affecting my brain, somewhat!

Whilst waiting for yet another prescription today, I treated myself to a magazine and some tea-towels for Dolly, to cheer myself up a bit more …

My favourite page is all about mustard and aubergine – what a combo …

I wonder if mustard is as good a flavour to add to aubergine, as it is a colour?

Three for a fiver, tea-towels from Sainsburys – not bad?  I also bought a bright orange washing up brush for Dolly, but it’s getting a bit sad to take photos of that, so you’ll have to guess what it looks like – not too much of a challenge?

I’ve been told to rest up and have had to cancel the retro market in Winchester for Sunday.  Quite a good excuse to do a bit of sewing though – I’m sure I can sew/crochet and rest at the same time.

Three cheers for the extra Bank Holiday weekend – enjoy the party, if you’re having one – we’ll probably escape somewhere very quiet with the collies!

Adaliza x

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§ 4 Responses to Worth the wait …

  • RosMadeMe says:

    Kaffe has an amazing eye for colour, I remember seeing his house featured in a magazine… every room sings at you. Although I am not sure I could live with it all the time…

    Hope the pain eases soon and have a great weekend.


  • adaliza says:

    The cocktail of tablets is working, but I feel rather spaced out – like being in the middle of a KF quilted house maybe?


  • Feel better! I think I am going to make some scones to celebrate the Jubilee. I’m sure you are sick to death over it but over here it is novel.


  • adaliza says:

    The bunting everywhere looks quite jolly and the shop windows are all stuffed full of Union Jacks and pictures of QEII – I’m sure she’s really fed up with it! Enjoy your scones – don’t forget the strawberry jam & cream!


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