Rain, rain, more rain and gales …

07/06/2012 § 2 Comments

it must be summer in England!

Apparently it’s an ‘unseasonal’ low pressure area whipping up a storm.  There are gales forecast for tonight; today has rained almost non-stop.  Poor Flora had to be picked up and dried off – she rarely gets wet due to all the oil in her feathers, but she was looking sad and soggy this afternoon, so we had a bit of a cuddle to warm her up!

What do you do on a blustery, wet day in June then? Himself has gone off on academic business for a couple of days.  I felt quite perky so after dropping him at the station at an unearthly hour, I decided to do some long-overdue cleaning in the house.

I can’t remember the last time I did this – it must be a few years ago. Housework routines really aren’t my thing. However, I really rather enjoy a day to myself when I can get on and turn the music up loud (classic fm – http://classicfm.co.uk  – you can listen online – I recommend Beethoven for scrubbing the kitchen floor, Strauss for bathrooms (just glide around), Rachmaninov for sorting stuff out (all dreamy and romantic), Tchaikovsky for hoovering and when it’s all done some Chopin please.

I’m actually aching a bit after all that strenuous exertion so it’s time to put my feet up and do some crochet.  I’ve just started a granny square blanket in subtle, soft shades.  A bit of a departure from the riot of colours in Gypsy Rose and Ripple One!  I think I’ll call it Misty Morning or maybe Rainy Days – it’s one for snuggling up in, by the fire.  I’ll show you soon …

Adaliza x

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§ 2 Responses to Rain, rain, more rain and gales …

  • Anne says:

    I love your music selection for housework. I find music can be both soothing and inspiring and can create a certain mood. Certainly good for the soul, and as you say, great for dealing with housework. And the rain…… does anybody know how to build and Ark? I think we will float away if we get much more rain.


  • adaliza says:

    At last – sunshine today! And the house is clean & tidy – bonus!


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