Golden October Morning …

10/10/2012 § 1 Comment

As I stirred my porridge this morning and looked out of the window, a golden glow seemed to cast a magic spell over the sleepy, still garden.

Golden confetti floats from our garden birch, with every breath of a breeze, but all was eerily, completely still as the grey morning light rose to greet the day.  There was quacking from the henhouse, of course.  The moment the back door opens and the collies stream out in a ripple of black and white to investigate the cat-smells and night visitors to the garden, Flora – from within her safe little house, starts quacking and hurling herself at the door, to be let out and have a flap!

This morning, Belle was waiting at the end of her ramp, for an early morning kiss …


Give us a kiss!

I’m shy!

Oh, go on then. Love you too!

‘Her Quackiness’ is now, pecking at the back door, with Misty’s nose pressed menacingly against the glass (from the other side)!  Misty and Flora don’t have quite such a lovey-ducky relationship.

What a difference from that little duckling who travelled home with us, from Cornwall, a year and a half ago …

Darling little duck!

Happy days!

Enjoy Autumn, in all her glory.

Adaliza x

Read about Flora’s posts here and here, as well as here and here, if you would like to see more photos of her growing up!

There are lots of other posts too – have a look in the Claws & Paws category.

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