Be careful what you wish for …

31/10/2012 § Leave a comment

On the last day of half term, at college, I was chatting to a colleague about our imminent trip to Cornwall.  “Hope you have a good week” said Gill and I replied that I was hoping for a gale, with crashing dramatic waves with sea-foam flying in off the rocks, leaden skies and grey skudding clouds – I didn’t go into quite such detail, but I could see it all in my head!

Monday’s waves were a good, solid 7/10 (see the surfer?) …

Tuesday was delightful, warm and sunny until just after lunch.  And guess what?  I was back in my favourite spot, sewing in the sunshine …

Himself pronounced that it was too hot to sit outside and disappeared inside with the paper. I didn’t like to disturb him once he was installed in his chair with the crossword, to ask him to come out and take my photo while I was in full swing, so you’ll just have to imagine me out there, soaking up a bit of good old sunshine, machine whizzing along.

Later on in the afternoon we took a jaunt over to Falmouth and I had a lovely bag of goodies to unpack when I arrived back at the cottage …

I treated myself to a quilting magazine, which is a really rare thing for me to do as I never usually like the quilts inside!  But this one is inspiring – Love of Quilting special edition.  Ooh – it’s yummy!

I’ve long been wanting to have a go with Annie Sloan chalk paints so indulged, after lengthy mind-making-up wanderings around Sweetpea & Betty, and hit upon Versailles – a subtle soft green.  Thinking that it may need a few highlights I also bought a tiny pot of off-white – it does have a name but I’ve packed it away and there were about 6 shades of white to choose from so I can’t remember which I chose!

A jaunt isn’t a quality jaunt without some fabric, so I skipped into Kit‘s Boutique for some sparkly thread, wrapping paper and a fat quarter of deliciously vintagey cotton fabric!  Aahhhh – this is what life’s meant to be like!

Today, Wednesday, dawned grey and omnious with storm clouds and squally showers …

On my early morning march around the village, I noted the harbour team working with the crane to put in the caisson (huge wooden sleepers that slide in the narrow inner harbour entrance to protect the moored boats from wild weather and waves).  We jaunted to Truro before the storm blew in properly this afternoon …

Still a couple of hours until high tide and the waves are crashing dramatically over the breakwater and the beach is a wild foaming mass of waves, surf and foam …

And yes – today’s waves have scored a good 9/10!  And yes, today’s jaunt to Truro was a very good jaunt indeed – but you’ll have to wait to see what fabrics returned home with me!  But here you go – some seasidey works-in-progress, photographed in very poor light by the stable door …

I’ve made a comforting cottage pie for supper with apple crumble to follow.  It’s a good night for snuggling in front of a roaring fire, listening to the howling wind and lashing rain (I did say I wanted it to blow a gale), then a cosy night nestling under warm blankets and a quilt!

I LOVE holidays, whatever the weather!

Adaliza x

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