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04/11/2012 § 15 Comments

It’s almost the 5th of November and fireworks have been going off and lighting up the night sky.  Our collies are very good and although they threaten to bark, we encourage them to come to sit next to us by the sofa and that seems to do the trick.  Belle isn’t a nervous type at all and Misty is fine as long as she’s close to us!  The weather’s turned and it’s freezing cold – today’s Retro market in Winchester was called off because the torrential rain had led to some flooding.  A far cry from our last brilliant morning in Cornwall yesterday when a rainbow appeared over the headland …

Back home and we’re ready to celebrate on the 5th November – it’s my birthday!!!
If you’re not sure about the history of Guy Fawkes then there’s a bit more info here – Gunpowder, treason and plot!

It seemed a shame to waste my very early start (and return from the abandoned fair this morning), I’ve had a lovely time unpacking little treasures that I acquired on holiday last week – here’s my favourite find …


A lovely old butter dish!

More unpacking followed, as a package had been delivered while we were away – recognise the design?

Gypsy Rose crochet blanket on a mousemat, when she was a work in progress – hence the crochet hook!

And some calendars that I’ve had printed for the family – here’s what I hope we’ll all be sharing in a year’s time …

Rose Quilt calendar picture for November 2013, on Rose Quilt!

I also caught up on a bit more sewing, now that my sewing room is once more fully stocked with new fabrics and the sewing machine safely installed on the desk by the window, after her trip to Cornwall!

A winter woodland scene …



The fires are alight to keep us warm, the collies are cuddled up and Flora has a deep bed of meadow hay in her henhouse, to keep her warm in the night.

Enjoy Bonfire Night and pop over to Wendy’s Handmade Monday to see what everyone else is up to.

Have a lovely week – Alton fair next Saturday!

Adaliza x


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