Two ta-dah’s on a chilly winter’s day …

15/11/2012 § 3 Comments

A glum winter’s chill has descended today, just in time for me to wear my new hat …

Ta-dah No 1  – my new hat!

On Sunday, on our way out to the New Forest, we stopped at Hilliers Arboretum so I could visit the Material World Textile Exhibition – an annual MUST-NOT-MISS event!  Every year, at the very least, I treat myself to a skein of angora mohair from New Forest Mohair and fiddle around making flowers and bits & bobs.  This year when we got home, I had a sudden urge to make a hat.  It always amazes me that while I’m having these urges, other creators are having them too – all to make the same sort of thing!  I had a bit of a surf around the net looking at different styles and then hopped over to Lucy’s blog and there she was, showing a Ta-Dah of her super hat!

I wanted a sort of 20’s cloche that doesn’t blow off in a howling gale on a Cornish clifftop whilst walking the dogs!  So I just went round and round in circles and took Lucy’s advice about the increase row to create the little turn up – ‘Thanks Lucy – it’s perfect’!  I’ve put a flower low down so it covers my ear – I’d put one the other side ‘cos it’s very effective for keeping out the draughts – but we all know that it’d look really stupid!

I love the way it pulls down low over my mass of rapidly greying curls.  When I think of the hours I wasted as a teenager and way beyond, desperately trying to straighten my hair!  How dim can a girl be?  These days I don’t even use a hairdryer – I just wash it, work a quick slick of conditioner through and leave it to its own curly state!  Much easier – and cheaper than fighting with nature.  And do you know what?  I love it – it’s longer than ever before and I’m rather looking forward to it being a proper grey colour.  I coloured my hair for a couple of years and then couldn’t wait for it to all grow out – it didn’t feel like my hair any more.  I hope that I’m growing old gracefully!

Ta-dah No 2 – my Adaliza Photobook

Why did nobody tell me about these? They’re absolutely brilliant!  Last year I discovered the delights of making my own calendars with Vistaprint and yes, this year they’ll fill family stockings once more!  They were SOooooo successful and very reasonable as personal gifts.

A couple of weeks ago I sent off for a Photobook – again from Vistaprint.  It arrived on my birthday and what a lovely surprise it was!

All my favourite makes for the year with life-size photos of the crochet stitches, on full page photos – amazing!  I’m impressed by the colour, definition and quality too – and I only chose the basic options.

I’ve ordered another one, so that I can show prospective customers photos of all my cushion designs too!

There’ll be a giveaway in time for Christmas soon, but you’ll have to wait for a while until they’re delivered!

Hope you like my new hat – and yes, you’re quite right, you have spotted 2 more skeins ‘cos I simply had to pop back today and treat myself to some more of this delicious soft mohair!  Bring on the winter chill, I say  – I’ll be ready with a hat to match every cosy fleece!!!

Adaliza x

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