Snow Day …

18/01/2013 § Leave a comment

A day for baking, and walking, and snuggling and quilting …

4" by coffee time

4″ of the white stuff, by coffee time

Oven bread rising

Oven bread rising

Leek & Potato Soup bubbling

Leek & Potato Soup bubbling

6" by teatime

 almost 6″ of white stuff, by teatime

Homemade bread & soup

After a walk with the dogs down to the farm and then home again, I tucked Flora up for the night in her thick meadow-hay & shavings bed in her hutch.  A mug of hot, parmesan sprinkled, rib-sticking soup with a slice of still warm double oven bread was a perfect way to thaw out.

Enchanted Tree

Enchanted Tree

Followed by more warmth & comfort – my favourite sweet treat …

Sticky Gingerbread

Sticky Gingerbread (Nigella’s recipe)

Yum!  There’s nothing like some home-made comfort food.

Big decision now, do I put my feet up and crochet (which will keep them very warm), or do I finish a new quilt that I fitted in today around my animal & kitchen duties?  Not sure which will win, but I hope you’re warm & cosy this evening, wherever you are.

Enjoy the weekend.

Adaliza x




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