A sad end to January …

31/01/2013 § 4 Comments

This post is dedicated to a pretty chestnut pony called Jaspar.  He belonged to my best friend and he shared all our lives for the past 18 years.  This morning, she found him in his cosy stable, no signs of distress or discomfort, just asleep on the floor.  It seems most likely that he’d suffered a cardiac problem a couple of hours earlier.  He was 27.

He was named after our huge wooden rocking horse ‘Jasper’, who was delivered in a proper horse-box on my daughter’s first birthday.  It seemed like the perfect name for a pony.  My friend agreed and changed just one letter when her feisty little fellow came along needing an understanding home.

Jaspar Carrots will be missed.  He couldn’t have asked for a more loving home or better care.  He was a bright red chestnut with a wonky wide blaze that looked like an arm raised in a wave.  Whenever he looked up from his munching in the meadow, it gave him a surprised look as though he was pleased to see you.  He was a perfect pony and a very lucky one.  So many ponies are outgrown and passed on from owner to owner until they’re too old to be useful.  JC had 18 years of security and total love.  Last weekend he was in his usual high spirits being ridden around the village, outranking all the other larger horses in spirit and character.

I hope he’s met up with my Stormy Cob – 10 years to the day since he died.  They were great mates.

Happy:Smiley posts to resume next week – fingers crossed!

Adaliza x

§ 4 Responses to A sad end to January …

  • hawknitr13 says:

    i’m so sorry for your and your friend’s loss.
    ^)^ linda


  • Linda K says:

    It always hurts when we lose a much loved pet, perhaps its no coincidence that Jaspar went on the same day as Stormy Cobb, it’s such a lovely thought of them both, young and enjoying the sunshine and a lush green field together. Remember the happy times. Thank you for honouring Jaspar’s memory with us.
    Linda, Warwickshire


  • RUTH RYAN says:

    so sorry to hear about your friends pony and hers and your loss, try and remember all the good times with Jaspar. We lost our collie of almost 13 yrs and it was so hard. they are a member of your family. ruth Louisiana USA.


  • adaliza says:

    Oh, it’s so sad. We have 2 collies and I absolutely dread losing them. Hopefully not for a few good years yet. Thank you – we have lots of happy memories.


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