Miss Maggie Rabbit (Rosie)

09/03/2013 § 27 Comments

Meet Posie

Meet Rosie

I’ve enjoyed following Alicia’s designing and creating journey with her Miss Maggie Rabbit project.  I’m so pleased it’s been SOooo popular and I downloaded a pattern last week.

Now, this has been a strange week for me.  I’ll spare you the details, but I’m at home, and I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that I must rest and relax.  No day job for me at the moment, though home and family are going to need all my strength and support next week on Friday and for a while afterwards.  I need to conserve my energy and be very strong.

I enjoy sharing my own designs and creations here, on my blog.  I feel as though I’ve made contacts and friends with so many like-minded people but in truth, I’m a very private person, and I don’t think I’ll share the details of what’s happening here, in public.  Over the next couple of months, I’m likely to pop in and out of blogland as time allows.  Hopefully I’ll be able to do some sewing and manage some photos.

Today I’ve made a little friend to keep me company in the coming weeks.  And I’ve LOVED making her – Thank you Alicia for this super pattern.  I’ve so enjoyed the simplicity of hand sewing, whilst sharing the sofa with Belle this afternoon, my grandmother’s silver thimble on my finger and my little pincushion alongside.  I had bits and bobs and scraps of fabric and yarn – plenty to make a bunnykins. From the very start, I knew she’d have red boots!

Those boots were made for walking!

Those boots were made for walking!

Rosie’s a character – a sweet character.  She reminds me of a 12 year old who’s just shot up and her skirt is just a tad shorter than it should be! (I turned up too deep a hem)!  She still loves her own dollies though, and has a little bunnykins toy of her own.  She may have a basket of flowers soon, but today has been a day for total chilling out – I didn’t even make it to the shed to hunt for the tiny dolly baskets that I know are hidden out there somewhere!

Rosie meets a crochet horse!

Rosie meets a crochet horse!

Where shall we go - all around the lounge when she's gone to bed!

‘Where shall we go for a ride tonight?’  ‘All around – when she’s gone to bed!’

Tonight I shall dream of her trotting around when I’m fast asleep.  They’ll jump fir cones on the hearth and canter up the folds of the quilt over the sofa back and stand on the top ridge, surveying the dark home.  His little hooves will move silently over the hearth mat and past the sleeping dogs, down the steps to the kitchen and back up – hold tight Rosie!

Night, Night - Rosie

Night, Night – Rosie

Hope to see you soon.

I’m linking up to Handmade Monday and will pop round later to see what’s been made this week.

Miss Maggie Rabbit (Rosie) now has a friend to keep her company and I can’t wait to show her to you (She’s here).  At the moment, she’s sitting on the mantlepiece, surrounded by the prettiest tiny pink roses in a stylish planter (Thank You, Caroline), and bunches of tulips and cards (Thank You, Boys)!

Adaliza x

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