May the fourth

04/05/2013 § 7 Comments

be with you!

The 4th of May has always been a special day – it was my grandfather’s birthday.  He was a kind, gentle, wise old man.  He was my Gaga – a made-up name from before I could say Grandad, I suppose.   He must have been 72 when I was born and always lived with us (or we with him), I’m not sure which.  He was very tall and ramrod straight, self-contained and quiet.  

My grandmother had spied him walking to work in London, in the late 1800’s.  She’d thought he was a policeman, because he walked so tall.  She set her sights on him – I’ve no idea how – and they married.  My mother was born when he and she were almost 40 years old, so maybe having children later in life isn’t such a new phenomenon.  Nana died when I was 4 years old, so I grew up knowing him and feeling secure in the quiet knowledge that I was very much loved.

He loved his daily routine of a late breakfast, his newspaper, a light lunch, a very long afternoon walk with his walking stick, pottering in the garden, watching the cricket on a tiny black & white television, listening to the radio – always the news.  I never remember him being ill – not ever, not even a cold.

He taught me to count – buttons in my grandmother’s button barrel.  He was a huge help with any of my school history project when a wealth of interesting facts could be recalled with ease.  He’d worked at a high level in the Board of Trade, as it was then, and had stood for Parliament in 1929.  

I loved him dearly.  He died when I was 18 and he was 90.

I’ve searched and searched for a photo, but they must all be at my home in Wales so I’ll think of him today, in a wealth of happy memories.

Adaliza x

§ 7 Responses to May the fourth

  • Gertie says:

    He sounds like a lovely gentleman xx


  • Thriftwood says:

    What lovely memories you have of your darling Grandad xx


  • Sarah says:

    It sounds as if your relationship with him was so special.
    Sarah x


  • adaliza says:

    He was a wonderful man and our youngest son reminds me of him so much.


  • I had a grandfather that made my life better as well. We were lucky women.


  • Auntie Shan says:

    He sounds a lot like my maternal-Grandfather, “Pepe” – He passed away just shy of his 83rd Birthday when I was 27. I was the eldest of his 13 grandchildren [at the time]. We shared a profound love for Books and Trivia!

    BTW, *THANKS* for reminding me!! – I had completely forgotten about the whole STAR WARS thing!! — And me, the “Big Fan” and all! — And explains “why” I was sent a photo – [just before reading this Posting] – of my Niece [Pepe’s 1st & only Great-grandchild at the time] and her youngest daughter, posing with some guy dressed as DARTH VADER!! — BAD ME. I should be cuffed to Jar Jar for a day!


  • RosMadeMe says:

    What a wonderful pen portrait of your gaga… he must have been so interesting to talk to, the 1929 election would have been fascinating, just after the General Strike and the 1929 crash, what stories he must have shared with you. I do hope that you write more about him.


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