May in the garden …

11/05/2013 § Leave a comment

May garden

bird feeders

herb garden

herb garden and beakless ducky

violets in the woods

secret violets

I’m slowly rediscovering corners of the garden that have been wild and brambly for a good few years.  I’ve had no time, and little inclination to start projects that I knew I’d never have time to finish.  I’ve even had secret thoughts that we should move to somewhere with a smaller garden, although howls of protest would have resulted, from the dogs and undoubtedly Flora!  No, it’s simple – spend some time in the garden, do a bit every day or so and WOW – look what happens!

I can prime the petrol mower – and start it.  This was always something I’ve avoided, but I’ve successfully cut the grass twice already.  The herb garden in a sink has been moved and completely replanted.  There’s another one to do – maybe this weekend. Pots have been cleaned out and white geraniums planted to brighten up the patio through the summer.  All my zinc buckets and water jugs have been brought out from the back of the shed – Flora had a wonderful time examining all the cobwebs for signs of life – arghhhhh!  She’s a great help when I’m pottering – her busy beak examines every upturned pot and she quietly quacks all the time then demands to be picked up and stroked – she’s such a chatty, affectionate duck!

Little stone ducky had a collision with a collie and ended up beakless – aw, shame.  Some superglue to the rescue and he’s now repaired and has moved to a safer spot away from rushing collies.

I’m really enjoying the garden again.  Have you seen those large packs of flower seeds, all mixed up with planting fibre?  I bought one and scattered hopefully on a newly reclaimed flowerbed – seedlings are growing by the day and I can’t wait for the promised pastel flower show.  We’re off to a seed swap this morning – hey ho!

Enjoy the weekend.

Adaliza x

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