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14/05/2013 § 4 Comments

Last year I completed 2.5 scarf/shawls – the .5 was a black one and I’ve never quite finished it, although I did wear it to a wedding in December!  Nobody noticed that it wasn’t finished because the deep lace border was (and still is) entirely in my head!

I’m not in the mood for black crochet at the moment, with Spring flourishing and about to burst into our lives.  As I write, it’s lashing rain and blowing a veritable gale.  It’s pitch dark outside and there have been several nasty banging noises – I hope the shed roofs are still on the sheds in the morning and nothing too valuable has blown down.

My fascination with lace weight yarn continues as I’m creating just for me at the moment – no fairs, no deadlines – I’m having a wonderful time.  It’s bliss!  My favourite shawl from last year was Tea Rose …

Tea Rose crochet shawl

Tea Rose crochet shawl – on block!

I blogged about Tea Rose and Smoke here and here.  They were both worked in Solomon’s Knot or Lovers’ Knot stitch which is basically double crochet with the stitch pulled out a bit!  They’ve been very well worn since I made them at the end of last summer and I’m still wearing them almost every day!  Last week, I began Moss – a heady yarn compiled from baby alpaca, cashmere and silk – from The Natural Dye Studio based in North Devon.  I am finding it very hard to resist treating myself to some more of this yarn – many are named after places from my past – Lynmouth, Withy Pool and Watersmeet.  Oh, I desperately need to go to North Devon very soon.

Solomon's Knot or Lovers' Knot crochet stitch

Solomon’s Knot or Lovers’ Knot crochet stitch – Moss Yarn

frothy crochet

frothy crochet before blocking

I’m planning to do a tutorial for the stitch and the deep lace border that’s definitely going to be added to this project – 3 sides of lace me thinks!  Moss won’t be finished for a while – sometime next month – maybe.

I’ve used the stitch for snoods too – it’s so simple once you get the hang of it …

Red Snood - Drops Baby Merino

Red Snood – Drops Baby Merino

Solomon's Knot / Lovers' Knot stitch

Solomon’s Knot / Lovers’ Knot crochet stitch

This one’s my favourite at the moment and is perfect over t-shirts.  Just one ball, about 80 starting chain and 20 rows makes a whole snood with a row of double crochet top and bottom – simples!  I have a whole collection made from different colours in the Drops Baby Merino collection – it’s wonderfully soft yarn and works up quickly.  I love the soft, stretchy, frothy effect of this stitch – and it’s very warm!

What’s on your hook?


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§ 4 Responses to On my hook …

  • All of your crochet looks wonderful. It’s amazing what you can do with some yarn and a stick with a hook at the end of it! Crochet is not my strong suit but I love to see other’s creations.


  • adaliza says:

    Thank you – I’ve always loved to crochet. Like you say, ball of yarn and a stick with a hook. My mum gave me both when I was a tiddler and said, make chains!


  • Gertie says:

    I am so in awe of you lovely ladies who can crotchet (I think calling my granny square blankets as crocheting is a bit of a cheat !!!) as you all make such beautiful things xx


  • adaliza says:

    Believe me – that Lovers’ Knot stitch is much easier than a granny square! No loose ends to tie in either!


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