A room of my own …

15/05/2013 § 6 Comments

my sewing room …

neatly organised or what?

neatly organised or what?

This onerous task was long overdue – a total reorganisation was needed and I couldn’t pick up a needle until it was done.  A couple of weeks ago, at our local recycling centre, I spied the two sets of wall shelves (ikea, naturally) and bought them both for £8 – complete with wall fixings – just like new.  I couldn’t wait to start drilling and that’s all my own work – drilling into the wall, rawl plugs, spirit level and everything.  Once the little units were up, I added the narrow picture shelves underneath and they’re exactly the right width for ikea spice bottles, which in turn are perfectly perfect for storing little bows, buttons and bells.  I rustled up the crochet snowflake bunting – far too pretty to save for Christmas – and ‘Himself’ treated me to the paper lantern lights!  It all came together today – finally!

lantern lights

lantern lights

and by night …

paper lantern lights

paper lantern lights – Sooooo pretty

sewing table, chair & machine desk

sewing table, chair & machine desk

On the opposite side of the room, there are more shelves, a collection of pretty pictures, a tapestry and in front of the window sits my beloved Horizon with scrap bag underneath – overflowing, as always.  The table’s newly painted in two-tone pink & grey, to match the little sewing cabinet and stickback chair that I finished last week.  Phew!

Tapestry with painted frame

Tapestry with painted frame

The tapestry village scene and old prints are all charity shop finds – the deep violet frame is newly painted.  The tapestry itself is beautifully worked – all for £5 and my little collection of Mary Rose Young jugs is out of storage at last.

vintage prints

vintage prints – Spring flowers and crinoline ladies – bought in Bath

Have you spied the Ladybird books?  My favourite is …

Ladybird Book

Ladybird Book

Last summer I was again treated to a present – a vintage Ladybird book from the People at Work series.  I love the romantic pictures and vintage scenes – the technology of farming has moved on a bit since the old days and I’m sure the farmers are very pleased about that!

the farmer ploughing

the farmer ploughing

Those were the days, when the old Massey Ferguson tractors rumbled across the fields.  No safety cabs in sight, though I remember when everyone had to have roll bars fitted.   I learned to drive on one of these when I was about 10 years old!  Nothing too dangerous – a flat field, a haycart on the back and I had to steer and use only the clutch to move along at a snail’s pace.  It was SO exciting.  When I was a teenager, my first sweetheart was a farmer and I remember many a happy evening courting, whilst fixing the head gasket on the old Massey before he walked me home across the fields and we stole a kiss at the farm gate!

This evening, the sun finally appeared after last night’s gales and today’s grim and dismal cloud cover.  Having spent the afternoon sorting out my room and reminiscing over my farming book, we took a short trip out of Winchester to Cheesefoot Head where the views are stunning …

wide blue skies

wide blue skies


Everything has turned green, in just a week or so – fresh, brilliant, vibrant hedgerows with cow parsley just beginning to froth and billow and the golden rapeseed flowers covering acres and acres of Hampshire – Spring has finally sprung.

Today has been a very satisfying, happy day.  Yes, indeed!

Adaliza x

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§ 6 Responses to A room of my own …

  • HannahDavis says:

    I’m so jealous of that room! It’s so cool!


  • Always good to see Mary Rose Young pottery in the wild x


  • thriftwood says:

    Beautiful room Adaliza, isn’t it wonderful having a workroom? The best bit is not having to pack it all away when family life beckons! Lovely pictures xxx


  • adaliza says:

    I love, love, love my collection – I have lots more downstairs too! I used to buy it from the little shop in Bath, from MRY’s Mum – lovely lady.


  • What a lovely room! You put mine to shame! I’ve had a move around too, but it’s still in ‘progress’! I love your thrifted shelves. I’ll have to go and do a bit of tidying!
    Happy sewing.


  • knotrune says:

    Your craft room is so cute, it must be inspirational. Mine just never stays tidy. As soon as there is a clear surface all the yarn, fabric, fibre and everything else wants to come out and have a party. I love the paper lanterns, I got some from Ikea yonks ago, must dig them out, I like how you have them in a pile. And Ladybird books 🙂 ah, memories…


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