Bluebell woods …

16/05/2013 § 6 Comments

breathtaking – the heady, gentle perfume of a bluebell wood in full bloom, in dappled sunlight beneath the great beech trees …

bluebell woods

bluebell woods


magical bluebells

Bluebell - Belle for short!

Bluebell – Belle for short!

Belle & Mistyclose-up of bluebells

bluebells in the sunshine

Today we drove just a few miles out of Winchester, to the bluebell woods. Carpets of magical, mystical arching stems and millions of tiny bells – blue as far as the eye can see beneath the majestic great beeches.  I saw a deer in the distance leaping through the woods. So special, so good for the soul.

Adaliza x

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§ 6 Responses to Bluebell woods …

  • Auntie Shan says:

    AH-HA!! So THAT’s what “THEY” were!! — Thank YOU!! You’ve just solved a 36 year old “mystery” for me!! 😀

    Which, BTW was the last time I was in the U.K. — Although I “based” out of my Aunt’s place in Bournemouth, I was spending a weekend visiting with a Friend who was at College in Canterbury… And, I remember that we used to cut across a Wood to get to a favourite Pub… Throughout it were these swaths of wonderful BLUE FLOWERS! – For years, I thought that they might have been a heather, but seeing THOSE Photos have kicked up the old Memories! And the “time” of year is right too… Also, those sort of Trees as well… Very different from the denser-burr-ridden-mosquito-infested “brush” that we have around here!!

    [sigh!] — I really do need to get a new Passport and paddle on over across THE POND again!! 😀


  • HannahDavis says:

    That is gorgeous! I’ve never seen anything like that before. I bet it was amazing to be there!


  • knotrune says:

    Beautiful. And if they are out, we must go in search of some local ones too! 🙂


  • adaliza says:

    It’s an amazing sight although they’re out late this year because of the seriously cold weather. There was even a light frost last night which I hope hasn’t caught too much of the apple blossom which is also in full bloom. A magical time of year.


  • Absolutely gorgeous.


  • Janine says:

    Beautiful! Still chilly here though!


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