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31/08/2013 § 2 Comments

the caption captures the mood on my September calendar page …


Already noted are lunch and tea dates with my friends as well as art markets in Winchester and Alton.  Freedom has arrived with the changing of the calendar page and the season.  Today – 1st September 2013 – marks the reality of life without work.  Teaching contracts traditionally end on 31 August each year, although my colleagues will have already returned to work, to enrol this year’s new students.  They were all in my thoughts last week – only 16 weeks till Christmas, guys!

I wrote some while ago (here) about this obsession that is patchwork and quilting.  In fact, I’ve found a couple of posts on my blog, with the same title.  But this time, I’ve got it bad – I can’t stop – I can’t go through a day without sorting fabrics, whizzing through layers, stitch-stitch-stitching, pin-pin-pinning, quilt-quilt-quilting.  My ultimate aim, on sunny days is to have a quilt ready for the binding to be hand-stitched in the sunshine – or if it’s a gloomy day, then I have a few more hours to finish as my second favourite hand-sewing spot is on the sofa, Belle by my side, watching a good film.

I think I’ve just completed my favourite quilt ever – it’s called ‘Round the Mulberry Tree’ …

Round the Mulberry TreeRound the Mulberry Tree quiltRound the Mulberry Tree quiltRound the Mulberry Tree quiltRound the Mulberry Tree quilt

That binding took HOURS of hand-stitching.  Yesterday’s afternoon sun was high in the sky and my constant companions – Flora Puddleduck, Belle & Misty enjoyed being out in the garden with me.  It’s about to be folded up ready for tomorrow’s Retro Market in Winchester.  I’ll be taking 7 (yes, SEVEN) new quilts with me …

Quaint Little Plum

Quaint Little Plum quilt

Quaint Little Plum quilt

Retro Squares quilt

Retro Squares quilt

Retro Squares quilt

Rodeo Two quilt

Rodeo Two quilt

Rodeo Two quilt

In the Secret Garden quilt

In the Secret Garden quilt

Panda Bears quilt

Panda Bears quilt


Panda Bears quilt

September Flowers quilt

September Flowers quilt

September Flowers quilt

I made a Rodeo quilt a couple of months ago, so this is Rodeo Two.  Retro Squares is based on one I made earlier this year, as is In the Secret Garden.  No two are exactly the same – a different combination of patches, backing fabrics and patch sizes – always.

More stacks of fabric appeared last night, ready for next week’s projects – a Saddle Up quilt and a floral extravaganza are planned!  Just before I turn in at night, I put the radio on for 15 minutes in my studio – calm classics – and mooch around with fabrics and colours.  Sometimes I stay up a little longer and cut out the patches, ready for the following morning’s sewing.  I LOVE it – the process, the colours, the finished quilts and then my stall at the markets, customers new and many who are like friends, lots of chit-chat and hopefully another sunny day.

Chilling out seems to have become a family habit …

taking a break - Belle

taking a break – Belle

Quilting days usually include a jaunt to a local market town, to pick up some fresh veg for dinner or other essentials, always a long walk with the collies and always, always long chats with Himself.

I’ve spent the whole morning sorting through photographs and now I’m off for a bit more sewing in the sunshine.  Enjoy these wonderful very early Autumn days – it’s magical out there.

Adaliza x

PS – pop by and say hello if you’re in Winchester tomorrow.









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§ 2 Responses to ‘Quilting days’ …

  • Gertie says:

    Patchwork/quilting should come with a health warning – it’s SO addictive !!!!!

    One word for your mulberry tree quilt – stunning. I hope you come back from Winchester market empty handed – though having said that I wouldn’t want to part with them….


  • adaliza says:

    Thank you – Mulberry Tree has found a wonderful new home with a little girl who’s 2 in a week or so. I can’t keep them all – we’re weighed down with them as it is and I just can’t stop !!!!!


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