This storm is a bit scary …

27/10/2013 § 3 Comments

Sunrise on storm day

Sunrise on storm day

Today dawned bright and very breezy.  As the sun peeped from behind the clock tower, the waves rolled in – nothing too dramatic – wind with tide brings rollers rather than breakers.  Here’s how the day unfolded …

early morning

early morning

our view from over the stable door, looking out to sea

our view from over the stable door, looking out to sea


low tide, this afternoon

low tide, this afternoon, it stayed grey for the rest of the day

tide's on the turn

tide’s on the turn

last of the afternoon light

last of the afternoon light and the rollers start to break

As darkness fell, so began the rain, showery at first.  Time to light the tealights, bolt the door and feel cosy.  It hasn’t been cold today, but the stiff breeze has made me feel the need for gloves and boots, when walking the dogs and this evening – just teatime, really – it was definitely time to batten down the hatches as the constant weather warnings rang out in every news broadcast.


Our holiday home for the week feels like home – we’ve stayed here so often.  Just one room deep and 3 rooms long, the walls are well over 2′ thick with high ceilings so feels airy and bright.  A net loft, originally, I’m taking some comfort knowing that it’s been here for well over 100 years, maybe a lot longer.  It’s beautifully decorated and I love the clean colours, wooden floors and whitewashed walls.  Of course, some essential supplies came with me …

my sewing machine, on holiday


As dinner was cooking, I set about some soothing patchwork, to take my mind off the weather warnings!  Lots of Liberty prints came on holiday with me, and a real beauty has made it into this quilt.  I hope to finish the patchwork top tomorrow.  It looked much crisper after it had been pressed!

Then our evening mellowed through soothing Sunday TV – culminating in my favourite, Downton Abbey.  As Lady Mary descended down the stairs to find Rose with the band singer, so the storm hit.  Just like that!  Wham.

It’s blowing like hell with lashing rain, now.  High tide was about half an hour ago.  We’ve been braving the spray and peering out through the top half of the stable door.  As the gusts blow in, it makes my ears pop!  The waves are booming onto the rocks below us and the wind is howling – it’s a bit scary.  There’s not much else to see …


Hope you all stay safe tonight – take care.

Adaliza x

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§ 3 Responses to This storm is a bit scary …

  • HannahDavis says:

    Goodness! I’ve never experienced a storm at the sea but it sounds like it would be a bit frightening and exhilirating, all at once! And I’m jealous that you get new Downton Abbey episodes now. The US has to wait until January! 😦


  • Kathy Kilpatrick says:

    Wonderful pictures! Would you please share the name or leasing agent of the cottage? Thanks!


  • adaliza says:

    Porthleven Holiday Cottages are the letting agent. The cottage is called Fishermens’ Loft and it’s booked up years ahead! Well worth it though.


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