What a difference …

28/10/2013 § 3 Comments

a day makes!

6.30 am and the storm has passed

6.30 am and the storm has passed

Having risen early to take a photo or two, I went back to bed for an hour to catch up on my beauty sleep, although I had slept much sounder than expected.  Last night we eventually turned in at about midnight and it was rather like sleeping on a station platform with heavy freight trains constantly rumbling and bumping past.  The wind and waves were deafening, even through our solid granite walls.

When I eventually drew up the blinds this morning, it was like being a celebrity – our loft, the access lane, driveway and car park were teeming with photographers!  Fortunately, nobody had their cameras trained on me!  Today has been all about the waves – they’ve been centre stage …









Colossal waves, pounding the sea defence wall above the beach and crashing over the breakwater at the harbour entrance.  The inner harbour is calm, with the fishing boats and pleasure vessels bobbing about amongst the foam, protected from the waves by the huge wooden caisson in place across the narrow harbour entrance, stopping the swell from entering the harbour and village.

We’ve been treated to a few squally showers, a rainbow, sunshine shafts emerging from dark clouds and although it’s still gusty the swell has moderated and most of the photographers have trundled off back to their digital screens, to upload, download and amend.  Everyone searching for that elusive perfect photograph that captures the very essence of the day.

Porthleven featured in a photo montage in today’s Guardian – the big house on the cliff is always a favourite, with the sea spray and waves bashing the rocks below.  Fame at last!

Now – I’ve got a quilt to work on and tonight we’re going to treat ourselves to a take-away!  I just love holidays by the sea, whatever the weather.

Adaliza x

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