Yarn winding …

11/01/2014 § 2 Comments

and sumptious new yarn!

Have you discovered the Natural Dye Studio?  They’re based in North Devon, an area I know very well and love immensely.  I’ve made several bits and bobs for myself as I adore their lace weight yarns.  I made these, my favourite of which is my Tearose Shawl.

NDS yarns are named after local places – Withypool, Lynmouth, Watersmeet, Parracombe – ah, I’m almost there on the Cliff Railway, walking up Glen Lyn Gorge which seemed like my second home when I was little, out across the bay in one of the Oxenham’s boats or walking the dogs on hot summer days and paddling in the Lyn rivers on the way up to Watersmeet.  Now the yarn, that arrives so quickly – often within 24 hours of my placing an order – takes me back and I soak up all those happy childhood memories as I work with hook or needles.

Before Christmas I decided to treat myself to some new ‘toys’ and now, finally, I’m all set up.

yarn winder

yarn winder

Such a simple little gadget that clips under a worktop or table.  As the yarn winds around – by turning the handle – the angle of the winder means that a symmetrically wound yarn ‘cake’ is formed.  The only moan that I have is that the wire yarn holder (on the left) doesn’t stay upright easily, even when it’s clicked out, and if that drops the yarn gets into a horrible knot under the winder.  I hold the bottom of the wire thingy and it works just fine.

Here’s how the yarn starts out …

Skein of Blue Faced Leicester wool and silk

Skein of Blue Faced Leicester wool and silk – 800 m !

Oh those colours and you wouldn’t believe how soft and luscious it is in the hand.  Just imagine winding 800m of lace weight yarn into balls – I’ve done it in the past and 3 hrs later, with all limbs aching, I’ve wondered if I’d ever recover in time to make anything!

Ten short minutes later here’s what I have …

3 yarn cakes

3 yarn cakes

Ahhhhh - those colours

Ahhhhh – those colours

a perfectly wound cake all ready for crochet

a perfectly wound cake all ready for my hook

Now, I’m missed a bit out – another vital ‘toy’ that I treated myself to.  It’s all well and good having a skein of yarn and a yarn winder, but what you really need too, is one of these …

yarn swift

unbrella yarn swift

a yarn swift

my yarn swift

and a collie watching my every move!

I found it very difficult to photograph my yarn swift, so the first image is from Amazon – where I bought both my swift and winder.  I won’t recommend any suppliers as there were a few problems, but I’m delighted now they’re both here.  I rigged them up very quickly on either side of the breakfast bar this morning.

I’d have loved a wonderful wooden swift, but although relatively cheap and cheerful, my vivid green one appears to do the job very well.

So, what’s on my hook?  Well, nothing at the moment ‘cos I’m deliberating about what to make.  Anything made from lace weight yarn is going to be a WIP for months so I’m currently searching for a perfect pattern.  Probably crochet but possibly knitting.  Any bright ideas anyone?  Do point me in the direction of some good patterns if you know of any.  I’m thinking of a wide and lacy shawl or scarf.

Enjoy your weekend – the sun is shining here – YaY!

Adaliza x




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