Bye bye January …

31/01/2014 § Leave a comment

Ideal Homes frosty landscape

Ideal Homes frosty landscape

Jane Wooster-Scott American Folk Art

Jane Wooster-Scott American Folk Art – snowy landscape

Just a few days ago, a package arrived – I’d treated myself to the JW-S 2014 folk art calendar.  Don’t know why I didn’t buy it sooner, but I’d been thinking about it for so long and finally gave in to a treat – to cheer myself up in these long, endless days of rain.  I’ve been living in wellies for the whole of the year so far!  Anyway, I was delighted to hang it up where I catch sight of the blissful country scenes, whilst quilting away and listening to the radio.

I’ve also been making good use of my supa-dupa embroidery machine.  Log cabin patchwork and a simple message seems to work really well, and I’ve been having fun.  This cushion isn’t quite finished but I couldn’t resist taking a quick snap – there’s quilting still to be done …


bring me sunshine

bring me sunshine

I certainly wish someone would bring me some sunshine – just a bit would do – just to remind me that it’s still shining up there somewhere, above the rain clouds!

Enjoy your weekend.



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