Wishing for Spring?

16/02/2014 § Leave a comment

Maybe it’s just arrived …

Patchwork Quilt by Adaliza

In the midst of recent storms, I gathered together soft pastels and blossoms. I couldn’t rest, as the gale roared around us, until the patches had been placed, then quilted to make “Wish” – a patchwork quilt full of Springtime hope!

When I begin a quilt, I’m never sure what size it will end up – this one is large – 170 cm square!  As the pile of fabrics grew, before I cut it out, I had a feeling that I’d be busy for a while.  I couldn’t leave any out – polka dots and stars, Moda’s Bliss, my signature whites, blossoms and acorn spots – they all came together beautifully – there are a few earthy tones in there too, so it’s not too girly.  Last evening, I hand-stitched almost 7 m of binding – phew – did I sleep well after that!

Patchwork Quilt by Adaliza

Patchwork Quilt by Adaliza

Patchwork Quilt by Adaliza

I’ve just added it to my Quilt Store where it will stay for just 2 weeks before coming to my first fair of the year (unless it’s snapped up before then)!

So is my studio table looking bear?  No-Siree!  I’ve been cutting out “Melody Maker” – featuring rock’n roll guitars, piano keys and musical instruments galore.  It’s funny how sometimes a quilt name pops into my head as soon as I see the fabric and other times naming has to wait until it’s almost finished.

Enjoy the sunshine – let’s hope Winter’s cloak is being taken off to reveal Nature’s Spring beneath.

Adaliza x



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