Please Mr Postman …

19/02/2014 § 2 Comments

Wait, oh yes wait a minute mister postman
Wait, wait mister postman …

Mr Postman arrived today unexpectedly early and in the midst of chaos, and my parcels were duly delivered (both of them – yay, double yay)!

I was about to take the girls out for an early walk this morning – the front door was open so I could fetch their leads from the porch – thankfully the porch front door was still firmly closed.  Misty thought all her Christmases had arrived at once as she spied our Postie through the glass.  She flew past me to attack the front door, closely followed by Belle who’s never quite sure what she’s doing.  Much barking and growling ensued before I could bundle them back through to the hallway and open the porch front door to take delivery of my precious packets.  So Mr Postman really did have to wait for a couple of minutes!

Unfortunately, in the meantime, Misty had hurled herself at the door to the porch and it had locked itself behind me, leaving me in the porch with my parcels and no way back into the house!  Thankfully Himself entered into the fray to step through the tsunami of black and white collies and let me back in – that could have been awkward otherwise!  Note to self:  never, ever go near a door without the keys to get back in!


After all that excitement, I carefully placed the little boxes on the table and decided to open them when I returned from walking the girls. Once home again, muddy and panting (that’s me, not the dogs), I set about opening the packaging – such good packaging!

bubble wrap, polystyrene chips, cardboard boxes, packing tape - the lot

bubble wrap, polystyrene chips, cardboard boxes, packing tape – the lot

the first box held a little addition to my collection of woodland china …

Sylvac bambi woodland vase

Sylvac bambi woodland vase to go with the little squirrel jug I found a few weeks ago

here's the whole herd of bambis

now added to the whole herd of woodland creatures, on my little sofa-side table

As you can see, I usually use the squirrel jug to hold my precious KnitPro Symphonie needles, a sharp pair of scissor and my glasses along with a few other ‘essentials’ for evening sofa-sitting.  I have to work very hard not to clutter it up with general muddle and having the little deer there does help – I just love looking at them in the evening by the fairy-light lantern.

And the other package – well, I spied him during an internet browse and couldn’t resist …

Sylvac Spaniel

Sylvac Spaniel


I’m keeping him next to my laptop, just so I can look at his lovely soft face and doleful eyes.  I doubt I’ll use him as a vase, although that’s what he was designed to be.  Maybe he’ll be a paperweight or holder, for my endless lists, so I’ll use him every day.

A step into the garden has given me hope that Spring isn’t very far away …

snowdrops by the pond

snowdrops by the pond

Amidst all the dead vegetation, snowdrops, crocus and daffs are springing into action.  The tulip bulbs I planted last year are poking through in the front pots and growing every day.  There are anenomes and primulas too – all enjoying a bit of warmth when the sun pokes through.

Now, I have a rare few hours to myself.  Himself is out and I’m going to switch the radio on and retreat to my studio until it’s getting dark and time to feed Flora and tuck her into her little house for the night.

Enjoy your evening.

Adaliza x


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