To infinity and beyond …

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well, maybe not quite that far!


We’ve just returned from a bit of a jaunt.  Jaunt for me, work for Himself – in the Midlands.  As well as enjoying a change of scene, we were keen to give our ‘new’ car a run out.  It’s not actually new – I’ve never had a brand new car though Himself has, in the days of ‘company cars’ and boy, did I enjoy trucking the kids round in them!!!

Once, when our brood was very young, I took delivery at home of a spanking new red Sierra estate – remember those? Acres of space for pushchairs, dogs, kids, general stuff – awesome – we’ve had estate cars ever since, though these days it’s just dogs that travel in the boot! No sooner had the scarlet beast been signed for, than I loaded up the car seats (we used to have a row of 3 across the back seat – that’s what life was like, having 3 little people under the age of 4) and without a backward glance, dashed off to the supermarket!  I so well remember my friend who lived close by being amazed that I didn’t wait for Himself (who was actually working for this vehicle), to come home so he could drive it first!!!!!  He was, actually, very slightly miffed that I’d driven it first.  To this day, I can’t quite see that point – being surrounded by our brood all day, I needed a bit of fun as well as food for dinner!

That’s all by-the-by in the dusty memory cupboard.  There have been many family cars since those days and our latest estate drove like a dream through hail and sunshine, motorway and city centre, twisting A-roads and little towns, and transported us all the way ‘up north’ and back again.  The Midlands isn’t actually north, but just about everywhere’s north of Winchester, unless you have a boat!

Coventry Cathedral is a sight I’ve always yearned to see.  From the narrow lane that gave me my first glimpse, I found myself unprepared for the sight of the bomb-destroyed ruin.

my first sight of the Cathedral

my first sight of the Cathedral

windows with some leaded panes that survived the blast

windows with some leaded panes that survived the blast

dramatic roofless ruin

dramatic roofless ruin

coloured leaded glass

coloured leaded glass

I gasped as I caught my first glimpse of Reconciliation

I gasped as I caught sight of Reconciliation


the screen of Saints and Angels, the Great West Window reflecting the ruins

the screen of Saints and Angels, the Great West Window reflecting the ruins

After the drama of the Cathedral, I had the rest of the day to myself so off  I jaunted to Kenilworth, Warwick and Royal Leamington Spa, places I’d never visited before.  I’d done a bit of research – fabric shops top of my list!  I took out my camera in the sunshine at Kenilworth Castle and then left it in the car for the rest of the day, so other photos are all courtesy of other folk and linked back.

Kenilworth Castle

Kenilworth Castle

Kenilworth was my first stop – loved it. I popped just half an hour on my parking ticket and it wasn’t nearly long enough. Such an interesting High Street, so many independent shops and everyone so friendly.  I found a super little sewing and knitting shop, sorry can’t remember the name, and a couple of FQ’s found their way into my shopping bag!

Onward to Warwick. 2 hrs parking and time for a proper jaunt!

Warwick overview from the castle.jpg

Antiques and bric-a-brac, wool and quilting supplies, independent retailers – oh joy!  By far, my favourite shop was Present Days – a few pretty treats found their way into my shopping bag – a nightlight, new PiP mug, tin of butterfly stamps and a new notebook were added to my increasing stash of fabrics.  I could have treated myself to so much more – will have to bring Himself here before Christmas and shove him through the door – “Anything from this shop will be brilliant”!!!!!!

Present Days, Warwick

Present Days, Warwick

my little hoard of goodies and treats

my little hoard of goodies and treats

Buzz Lightyear also came home with me. I have plans for Buzz but he’s been amusing himself in my sewing studio today!

he's been flying around my studio - "what's all this then?"

He’s been flying around all day – “What’s all this then?”

On the cotton reels!

What are you doing up there, Buzz?  Come down at once!

this is like a spaceship

This thing is like a spaceship.

I bought myself some nibbles from a local bakers and armed with a take-away coffee, I intended driving to Warwick Castle to park in the grounds and enjoy lunch.  I drove up to the barrier and then smartly reversed out of the narrow access road as I didn’t want to pay a fee just to sit in a car park!  I’ll have to explore there when I have more time.

My final destination was Royal Leamington Spa which was like a larger version of Winchester and also reminded me of Bath. The fabric shop I wanted to visit is closed until Wednesday each week, so they missed me!  I bought a card for Himself, for our wedding anniversary in April – 30 years!!!!!  Now that’s what I call “Forward Planning” – it’s why he married me, of course!

I spent a very pleasant hour or so, dodging the showers and then left the interesting town in the midst of a torrential hail storm, to collect Himself when his work was done. We were treated to the most vibrantly colourful rainbow within an hour and with the colourful arc behind us, steamed back south to our collies and Flora – and our son who was at home looking after them all.

“Now then Buzz – let’s have some fun – to infinity and beyond!”

Adaliza x

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