Knitting with lace

21/03/2014 § Leave a comment

A sea-green gossamer thread winds between my needles with silken sheen and breathy touch …


I fell in love with Exmoor as a young girl.  I knew the place before I could walk – where the East Lyn meets the West Lyn lies Lynmouth in North Devon – a tiny seaside village forever bound to Lynton, at the top of the hill, by the Cliff Railway and surrounded by the mystical beauty of Exmoor.  I must go there again very soon.

There’s lots about the Natural Dye Studio on their website and I can only think that some of the magic of their surroundings is woven into their most beautiful yarns – I can almost feel it when I unwrap a skein of their deliciously dyed – and Exmoor named – yarn.

How I have struggled with beautiful Withypool.  I began my search for patterns well before it arrived through the letter box and throughout the lengthy wait for my yarn toys to be delivered just after Christmas. Crochet patterns stacked up in my head, on my laptop and my chair-side table but no matter how I tried, none worked for me on my hook.

I then found the Rill Scarf on Ravelry.  Whilst pondering the picture problem in Coventry last week, I began knitting – and just as with my previous attempts – failed! (Not due to the pattern which is well written).  In desperation, I cast on just 20 stitches once more and did my own thing …







What do you think?  I’m not through my first yarn cake yet, so there’s a way to go but I’m in no rush.  Sometimes I’ll snatch just a couple of rows whilst I enjoy a bit of a sit down, sometimes a whole evening – it makes no difference – it grows VERY slowly and I’m not measuring!  I shall reach half-way at some point in April – maybe when I’ve just started yarn cake 2.

Will the 2nd half look like the first – more or less – probably!!  I haven’t written it down and counting rows is fiendishly difficult.  One thing’s for sure – I’m not unravelling it again!!  I can’t help thinking about a lacy border, but maybe the simplicity of the wobbly edge (hopefully less wobbly once blocked), will work.

Have you worked with lace yarn that isn’t fluffy?  I’m not sure I’m a good enough knitter, really.  Yarn with a bit of pile seems to hide a multitude of sins.  All I can see are wobbles, when I look at the close-ups – oh dear.

What’s on your needles/hook as Spring arrives?

Enjoy the weekend.


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