Sunny, sunny day

03/05/2014 § 3 Comments


and huge relief as my amazing husband is coming home today.

No surgery but other very risky problems alleviated – he’s even more bionic than before!

Thank you all for so many good wishes and positive thoughts.

I’m eternally grateful to staff at Winchester and Basingstoke Hospitals for all their efforts and kind support that mean I’ll be able to bring him home later on and we can enjoy a cuppa in the garden with the collies and Flora.

“Thanks C, J and J for everything, too – you’re truly amazing kids”.

Enjoy your weekend and take it easy. I hope the sun is shining for everyone.

Adaliza x

§ 3 Responses to Sunny, sunny day

  • Sarah says:

    Wonderful to hear this news. Your first cuppa in the garden will mean so much! Have a good weekend. Sarah x


  • chopkins2011 says:

    Good news but I understand now how stressed you must have been. Take care of yourself (as well as him!)


  • adaliza says:

    Thank you – it’s been hellish. He was due to have major orthopaedic surgery, but had a heart attack instead. Nightmare scenario. Stress levels through the roof but I’m knitting again this evening now he’s home!


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